Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 16, 2011

June 2011 Irregular

June “Irregular” Town Board meeting 2011

Bob wasn’t there. Gene runs a cleaner meeting than Bob, so the executive session was for
personnel matters – John Landi wanted to talk about an employee and they were interviewing 2 prospective planning board members.

Earl is retiring. Gary and Joe are going to Highway Superintendent school in Ithaca.  The Dems and the R’s are endorsing Gary. There will probably be a primary since some people don’t like the coronation
method of electing officials.

The Board had a long discussion about Mill Ponds water.  There was a leak, and someone temporarily
repaired it, and there is a bill, and they want to forward it to the homeowner on whose property the pipe resides.  But they don’t know what the mechanism is for any of this process.  I think the district was established in 1978, the wells went dry in 1988.  Some residents said it was because of a development. An agreement was put in place with Yorktown for their very expensive water in 2001.  So there is a leak, located by damage to 2 septics, and it requires a permanent repair, and they don’t know how to force the homeowner to do that.

I am wondering about insurance coverage for repairs from the main to the house.

There aren’t full plans of the system in Town Hall or with the DOH.

And then onto building permits.  I don’t know why this was a TB discussion.  The code says that two
annual building permit extensions are allowed.  The building department was sending out renewal notices and renewing for work not done, for as long as 10 years.  I’m not sure why John just didn’t stop doing that.
Bill Zutt suggested that they give one more, and tell the applicants that they would then have to reapply.
Gene wasn’t buying it, and felt that 3 years is long enough to complete a project.  And, that 30 days to get a CO
for projects is enough for those who have not obtained them.  I tend to agree, with only the caveat that
the building department was slow on C.O.s, so it cannot be assumed that it was the applicant’s fault.

Earl was in for his last official visit.  He retired.  He was there to talk about the Bell Hollow Road bridge
repair.  The engineers will do a proposal for DEC approval to replace the culvert, in the hope that the DEC will approve a culvert rather than a concrete box culvert.

The county is proposing to eliminate a number of properties from the ag district, and for some reason the TB seems to think that they need to find out if they should ask for those parcels to be included.  The county ag district exempts the parcels included from local zoning, as Bill Zutt put it, the district provides
“qualified immunity from local land use law.” So unless there are political favors going around, what would be the advantage to the town of including any parcels in this district?

The county’s public hearing is on June 20, if you want to comment on the ag district and the parcels.
The list of parcels is available from the Town Clerk, and should also be available from the County.  Supposedly
the County Legislative Clerk said that open code violations were one reason to exclude the properties, but since relief from the code is one of the perks, I don’t see how that would actually work.

There was a time when Bob Cinque recused himself from ag district issues because of his representation of the Cabots against the town of Putnam Valley regarding Cimarron Ranch. I never heard a mention of why that changed.

They are making lots of personnel appointments and changes, but no jobs are ever listed on the website… After Help Wanted, it is actually blank.

Putnam Acres dock is being expanded.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.




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