Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 11, 2011

May TB “work session” 2011

Town Board – May 2011

The May “Irregular” Meeting was the commercial for the school budget. Even though it’s not timely, it’s worth watching. I really couldn’t believe it. Bob Cinque and Gene Yetter asked why the contingency
budget and the proposed budget were the same, since the contingency budget required that some services be cut.

That question was never answered.  All of the points were repeated again and again, but the question wasn’t answered.

Gene asked for an explanation of why people should vote or not vote.  That was never answered either.

This process is not fair to the public or the students.  It is ridiculous that a contingency budget
requires cuts, is the same as the proposed budget, and no one can explain why.

They worked on it since November.  “We worked on it 24/7.”  Huh?

Before the school power point, the Town Board talked about waiving a penalty for work done without a permit.
Since they don’t impose the penalty, could they please just get rid of the law and save everyone the embarrassing spectacle?

As usual, there was an executive session on personnel and litigation, illegally announced.

And Gene, MS4 is not merely a pain in the ….. Before dredging the Peekskill Hollow Creek, maybe we could clean up stormwater regulation in the town.  They talked about the flooded properties on Church Street.

Neg dec, local law 2. Really impressive open government.  I know that they had just had the public
hearing, but..

Doreen promoted, immediately effective.  Doreen works very hard – more power to her,
but take a look at the senior clerk description for one example of incompetent government.  Civil service would be a good place to start reform.

“We’re comin’ in in really good shape.”  Listen to the auditor instead of Bob.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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