Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 5, 2011

Putnam Valley Planning Board 4-25-11

Planning Board April 25, 2011

This was the second April planning board meeting.  There is only one May meeting, on the 9th.

Two public hearings

There were two public hearings, with no members of the public present.  2.6 acres at Oscawana
Corners with steep slopes, wetlands, trees to be removed on the road frontage and a sump for driveway drainage.  And a house on Chapman Road in the conservation district.  Both approved.

An addition to 50 West Shore Road is on for public hearing on May 9th.

Two extensions – Maple Leaf and Putnam Sports

Extensions were given to these two controversial projects.  One is Maple Leaf, heavy equipment storage for the landscaping company at the entrance to Lake Peekskill.  It is in a community commercial zone that is
supposed to be more strict than Oregon Corners.  There are no building permits yet.  Site plan conditions have not been met.  No mention was made of the length of the extension.  And the other was Putnam Sports, the soccer
camp, where they decided to put the stream into a culvert.  No length of time for this one either.

Dario Gristina – very big greenhouses.

The star of the evening was Dario Gristina, who sounds like he is building his project regardless of the process.  He proposes a one acre greenhouse, actually he is proposing 10.  He’ll start with one, a prototype.  He owns 76 acres for this project, and says he has plenty of room.  It is beautiful hilly wooded land. I think he said he has another 78 acres.

He is planning to grow Romaine lettuce hydroponically, 190,000 heads a month, and hire 9 horticultural technicians.  He will need one box truck per day, and says that the steep road will be no problem.
It never is.  Does that mean when there are ten full acre greenhouses that there will be 10 trucks a day?

He will use 400-500 gallons of water per day, and he says that is no problem.  For the 10 acres, is
that also no problem? He said that it is not in a watershed.

He will grow in rock wool or peat moss as a growing medium, with nutrients added.

Everyone said that this one acre structure plus storage building is no problem.  I don’t remember
if there are neighbors on the road in this residential zone.

He already has an agreement with Cornell, and Mr. Raimondi is ready to approve it.  He
wanted to know if the applicant wanted a code amendment.

It is a $1 million to $1.5 million project plus site work.

Hydroponics requires a stable supply of electricity.  Does that mean there will be a lot of generators?  This is Putnam Valley.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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