Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 27, 2011

Putnam Valley Town Board – April “regular” meeting

Town Board – April 20, 2011

They added seasonal employees for the highway department to the agenda, as well as paying for a feasibility study for a retrofit project in the NYC watershed.

There are 2 openings for the Planning Board.  There have been for awhile, but now it’s official.

Mr. Tendy welcomed Mr. Landi to their den of iniquity*.  Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up.

*” den of iniquity a place filled with criminal activity or wickedness. The town was a den of iniquity and vice was everywhere.

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.”

He says that having one person to do a job that seems to require more will save us $50,000.  Is this really the place to save?

He said something about Mr. Landi and school, so is he just now taking the prerequisites for the job?
Why wasn’t this job advertised and a pool of candidates interviewed?

Someone said something about making the CEO a Peace Officer….. that he can carry a pistol.
Bob said that part.  Do we need a building inspector who carries a pistol????? Do we?

So Sam O said that this whole NYC watershed thing is so that we do not have to pay to protect the NYC water supply, but the TB approved – $6500 for Folchetti to do a feasibility study on retrofitting to keep
phosphorus out of the NYC watershed. Where did this come from?  There has been NYC watershed money that the county administered, and PV was left out of it.

Of course, no one seemed to object when we paid $300,000 for the uber wall supposedly to protect the Peekskill watershed.

Then Sam said that Emma Kounine (Emma is the county’s acting highway superintendent) is hiring a contractor to replace the Oregon Corners Bridge railing and to paint.  That bridge is included in the Peekskill Hollow Road plan for replacement and widening.  Just recently, I spoke to the engineer for the DOT. No answer yet as to when that work, if that work is planned.  Does anybody know?

He said something about flooding, but it was a campaign commercial, not an infomercial, so I don’t know what he was talking about.

Then, he said that Dan Ricci came to the legislature to ask for more time to save the “very historic house” on Crofts Corners, you know, just below Town Hall, near where Bob tore down the other “historic house.” (“Just ‘cause it’s old doesn’t mean it’s historic.” –BT) Friends of Croft House has been around for awhile, and they will be allowed to take over this occupied house that is county owned.

Better known as the Ingersoll House, when I was first in Town Hall, someone from the county called, and asked me when the Town was going to take the house.  Investigation showed that it was in serious disrepair, that the county had taken it for taxes, yet it remains occupied.  So the county, via Sam O, is saying that they will put it up for a tax sale next year, even with people living in it.  Would somebody please start paying my taxes for me?

Sam O said that the county was going to receive the summary judgment from the court about the garage at Oregon Corners, and was upset that the decision can be appealed.  Shouldn’t he have already known that it could be appealed?

Then Bob started talking and just couldn’t stop himself.  He has reduced the length of his opening
comments, and for that we are grateful.

The school budget increase is 2.6% or, with smoke and mirrors, 1.33%.  Gene says it will be worse next year.

They are requesting a 10 ton weight limit on Peekskill Hollow Road and a 25 mile per hour speed limit to the high school.  Victor Tiship, who did so much work gathering petitions for this law was on hand.  It is still in process.

This does not change the Peekskill Hollow Road project, but, in and of itself, it is a good thing.

Arthur Smith is rewiring the assessor’s office for $575, which sounds like a reasonable price, and they are putting carpet in there.

Then, there was a discussion about the architect for Bob’s big dig – his royal suite.  They
approved a $38K contract; $2500 of it is in case they want radiant heating.  Gene wanted to wait on that
amount until they made a decision on the radiant heating, but he was outvoted.  He didn’t want to vote on an
if.  Sounds right to me.

They are authorizing the Town engineer to get multiple bids for grant work to be done on Lake Oscawana – the federal $400,000 grant, the one that John Hall got for us.  They got a letter saying that there would be no money, but found out that there will be no future money.  But they have to spend the money by September.  Mr. Tendy
assured all, via the Highway Supe and the candidates for Highway Supe, that they can spend that money.  Is the
highway department being paid by the Town or the district for their work on the Lake Oscawana district plan?

Parks and Rec is going to reconfigure the irrigation system on one of the fields.

Roaring Brook has a lake superintendent.  Lake Peekskill had one a long time ago.  Maybe it’s time to  resurrect the position.

There is a ping pong table in the Lake Peekskill Community Center that one person wants removed.
State Senator Ball will not find money for repairing the LP veterans’ monument.

Some people have suggested a community garden for Lake Peekskill since there is so much shade and it would give residents an opportunity to garden locally.  Nice idea.  Mr. Zutt made this very odd suggestion that he ask a property owner with whom the town is in “low grade litigation.”  He said he wouldn’t name
the owner, but did Bob know which parcel they were talking about.  He did. They are so used to back room
government that the inappropriateness of the conversation didn’t occur to anyone. Litigation is not privileged information.

Then, they hired temporary employees for the highway department.  One of them is already a
temporary employee.  My recollection is that temporary employees are supposed to be appointed for no longer than three months.  The idea is that they are not abused, and used in place of full time employees.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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