Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 23, 2011

Putnam Valley Planning Board – April 11, 2011

Planning Board meetings are held on Monday nights at 6PM

Once or twice a month

5:30 backroom meetings are not open to the public

No comments are allowed at meetings unless there is a public hearing.

Public hearings are held at the end of the planning process.

Plans are approved right after public hearings using a prepared resolution.

Next PB meeting is Monday April 25 at 6PM at Town Hall.

Planning Board – 1st April meeting April 11, 2011

The much anticipated appearance of Dario Gristina, for discussion of his plan for his beautiful property off Barger Street, did not happen.  It is now planned for the 25th.  He was not on the agenda as it was read at
the meeting, no explanation.

There was another project that was added to the agenda, and they approved sketch for it, so what does the date for submissions mean? It is on 2.6 acres in R2 on Oscawana Lake Road, just east of Oscawana Corners.  There’s a wetland buffer.

Only three PB members were present, Annette, Tom and Mike.

Public hearing on Cory, 36 Brookside Ave on 1.3 acres in an R3 zone.  What does R3 even mean?  It is supposed to mean residential 3 acre zoning, but huh?  Rain garden, DOH approval, conservation easement, road widening easement.

Rodriguez, still, land trust issues.

And the much touted HYH subdivision, now down to 15 lots on 236 acres with less than 20% disturbance.
There are outside engineers and planners for the Town due to conflicts of interest.  They seem to be doing
well.  Issues of visual impact, 10% road, project engineer say 8% – are we talking about grade?

The applicant is supposed to do a biodiversity study, but the engineer doesn’t want to.  Our
wetlands inspector was good.  He said that it is pristine land, that there are vernal pools and the possibility of
habitat fragmentation.   If it isn’t done now, a year will be lost.

Our planning process at its best.

On Monday, the controversial Maple Leaf landscape equipment project on Oscawana Lake Road, will be coming back for an extension of their approval, as will another controversial one, the culverting of the stream for
the soccer camp on Peekskill Hollow Road.

Mr. Gristina will be there, or so they say.

Two public hearings – Oscawana Lake Road, and Chapman Road single family houses.  There are still people committed to building houses.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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