Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 19, 2011

Town Board – April 13, 15, 2011

Town Board Meetings

3rd Wednesday of the month


Next meeting, April 20, 2011

Regular meetings shown live.  All meetings on channels 18 & 20, on
streaming media, and on DVD in the library.

April Irregular meetings

The second irregular meeting was a special session on a Friday night at 6PM, two days after the regular irregular meeting.  Hmmmm…..The agenda says that they had to set a hearing for the east of Hudson septic inspection law.  Sounds like an emergency to me!  No video on the website now, and usually they are up in a day or 2, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

The regular irregular meeting, two days before.

25 minute meeting, Bob and Wendy didn’t show.  Gene properly announced the executive
session. Yay! The executive session was about contracts and litigation regarding 4 Cimarron Road, the house that Bob unbuilt.  Some of this information should be publicly discussed, and it is hoped that in November, there will be candidates who care about open government.

The TB is removing a 1000 gallon underground “gas” tank at the LP garage for $1500 +.  Elite
Environmental was the lowest responsible bidder.  There was a lot of controversy in Lake Peekskill about whether or not this is a responsible bidder.  There was a used tank under a tarp on one of the Elite Environmental trucks parked on the property the weekend before the bid was accepted.  Mr. Yetter says there were a number of complaints, and I swear they were not from me.  He says that it was not a used tank.  We have heard that excuse before, when the tank with the hole in it was there.  That one wasn’t under a tarp.

So we were told that there was a new tank, and a building permit, and tank replacement.  Well, there were new tanks on Monday, at least four of them, and digging.  So why?  There was a new tank in 2006, when the property owner was trying to proceed with a site plan.  And there are otherquestions.  Since the judge said the
business couldn’t be there, and it has been allowed as an office, why are there heavy trucks and other equipment parked there, a container, etc?  Now I can understand that feeling of being singled out when there is McKinney’s and Tompkins, but still.

And that just leads to other questions, like why has McKinney’s been allowed to store debris against the fence, salt, build structures, store heavy equipment, and otherwise conduct a business that somemight consider to be noxious, where it is not permitted?  And Tompkins, I think the question is pretty much the fuel dispensing, although the business is not what the site plan says.

So maybe John Landi will want to run away? We couldn’t blame him.

Which brings us to his appointment as deputy before he passed the test, and now his replacement of Irv Sevelowitz, and the decision not to appoint another deputy.  So Mr. Landi has to go to zoning board meetings; he is going to the planning board meetings; he has to inspect new construction, and respond to complaints.  He is also fire inspector, storm water management officer, and sewer district whatever, which is a real pain in the
butt, unintended pun, but pun nonetheless.  So one would have to wonder how seriously this Town Board wants these jobs done.  Nothing against John L., but really!  If they seriously want to enforce the rules, how about at least appointing a separate fire inspector and a plumbing inspector, which they can do without costing the townsfolk anything more?

One might assume that the reason for this odd frugality is that they decided to give Irv a retirement incentive, and the state now requires that there be a savings resulting from the retirement.  That was not true of the 2010 retirement incentives.  Because the TB passed a law that allows the Supervisor to do this, no one has to vote on it, and they do not have to make it public.  This TB’s claim to fame is that they have driven as much as possible into the backroom, and away from public scrutiny.

There was a short discussion (it was only a 25 minute meeting, it would have to be short) about qualifications, and BZ said that it was the same test for CEO as for deputy.  But that is civil service.  I know
someone who took the state course for CEO, and according to him, there is a whole program for this position, like for assessor, that is required by the state before appointment. Hmmm…. I wonder if that is true.

Then, Bob C. said that they had not held any interviews for deputy CEO, but since they never held any interviews last time, or for Irv’s replacement, why would they hold them now?  And if you were going to eliminate a job in
Town Hall, why would you eliminate this one??

And speaking of backroom government, last month there was a resolution to release the VS Construction erosion and sedimentation bond from the Meadow Ridge, Emerald Ridge, Marsh Hill Road project.  It was on the March TB agenda, and was tabled, because Gary from highway was there, and said that there were large
sinkholes on the road.  Because it was tabled, it will be on this Wednesday’s agenda.

So, it seems that in a number of places, the pavement is substandard…..

How does that happen?

The pavement wasn’t inspected?  It was recommended that the bond be released without inspection?  Huh??? Something is really wrong here. The system is not working.  The error wascaught because Gary was there, but suppose he had left, or hadn’t been up on the road?

It’s not exactly on the beaten path.

Mr. Santucci has agreed to replace it.

Watch for some surprising discussions about Cimarron Ranch.

At Wed.’s meeting, they will be talking about spending money on Lake Oscawana, on electrical, on floors and on Bob’s throne room.  They also have a new volunteer for the Conservation committee – someone good.
Good for her!  Without a full compliment on the zoning or planning boards or the board of assessment review,
it hasn’t seemed like anyone was willing to be involved with this crew.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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