Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 2, 2011

Planning Board Meeting 2-28-11

There’s alot of research being done on this blog, evident from the searches.  I guess we’ll find out in time what that’s
about.  Perhaps a candidate?

There were 2 announcements that I never heard.  The first was about potassium iodide tablet distribution at Town Hall.  We missed that.  I don’t know if it matters, but the tablets are supposed to protect us against thyroid cancer from radiation exposure.  The most common cancer after the 3 mile island disaster was thyroid.

The other event we have not yet missed.  There is a medication drop-off on April 9 at the Putnam Hospital Center Wagner Cancer Pavillion, 670 Stoneleigh Avenue, Carmel.
We are not supposed  to flush the medication, as that would pollute our water supply.

You should remove any names from the labels, but leave the identification of the medication.

If you need more info, call Mary Rice at the Department of Health: 845-808-1390, ext 43164.

Planning Board Meeting February 28, 2011

Two members of the Planning board, and the ad hoc were present. There were 2 public hearings, but no one from
the public was there.

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath to find out what was going on at
the PB meeting with regard to Marsh Hill Road…….

It’s actually an interesting segment in an otherwise dull meeting.  Often when Bill Zutt has his best moments, he
is completely ignored by the PB and the TB.  Fast forward and watch it.  Keith Staudohar was representing VS Construction – you know, Val Santucci, Marsh Hill Road, Emerald Ridge, Meadow Ridge, also of Big Blue, bocce ball, etc.   He asked for 47K of the 50K erosion and sedimentation bond back.  The bond is posted in case there are any erosion and sedimentation problems.  The approval for the subdivision says that the bond is held until the lots are all developed.  Now I don’t know why that is, but there might be a reason.  And that was the accepted agreement.  Keith’s argument was that the applicant only owns the one undeveloped lot and this bond
can’t be applied to anything else.

Mr. Zutt said that the board has no way of knowing that, that is, what the applicant does or doesn’t own.

The Town has already accepted the road.  The sign at the bottom of the hill says only one lot left.
I have heard that at least one new house, and one existing house are for sale, and local wisdom says that the houses have not all been sold….

So, of course, the Board approved Mr. Staudohar’s request, even though they asked for supporting documentation

As already reported, this went to the TB, and the presence of a large sinkhole was noted, and the release of the bond was tabled.

I bet we can look forward to all kinds of problems with that road in the future.

The other interesting exchange was about “demolition” permits and BZ’s remark that the Town “had some bad luck” recently with demolition and he noted hefty fines.  Hmmmm…..  Just how much did Bob’s hatred for that blue
house cost the taxpayers?

The rest was unexciting.

63 Lakefront Road – demolition and reconstruction on same foundation.

Hudsonview – 2nd floor and detached garage on .97 acres.

Both of these applications were on for public hearing. No one commented.  They were

Cold Spring Road – demolition and reconstruction on .25 acres.

On this application, it was requested that the driveway remain pervious (water can percolate through).  So, if that’s the case, what about enforcement?  On Harper Street, a prior homeowner decided to install a driveway on a slope.  No one did anything about it.  On Lake Drive, a prior owner ripped out a sidewalk and installed parking.  No one
did anything about it.  At Oregon Corners, a property owner installed a patio and increased parking.  No one did anything about it.

So what’s the point of the plat condition when no one else does anything to enforce it?

50 West shore Drive – garage and entryway.

A 90 day extension for Munsell on Kramers Pond Road.

A 6 month extension for the very colorful plan (yellow and red as I recall) at the post office.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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