Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 23, 2011

March Town Board “Regular” Meeting

Town Board “Regular” Meeting March 16, 2011

There’s a statewide ban on burning through May 15. Our Town government can restrict burning the rest of the year, so that we don’t have to have a neighborhood full of putrid smoke on a hot day, but they won’t. Please compost guys. There’s leaf pick-up in LP starting May 3.

The meeting started with an improperly announced executive session (a backroom meeting with no minutes, no public and no tv). Hold them accountable. Gene says he’s running again, but the Bobs have not yet announced. Of course, Bob is building himself a mansion, so one might think he’s planning to stay. Sam O has already told us that he is going to be in the legislature for another 3 years. You hardly even need to show up and vote.

Speaking of Bob’s office suite, they accepted Mr. Wax’s proposal for it. There were presentations but I don’t think we were invited. We just get to pay. The fee is $36k for the architectural work. It was not the lowest bid, but it was the plan that Bob liked, and he is the only one who matters in this. It’s the same architect as the cemetery used. Hmmmmm……

Bob was short-winded again. Perhaps that’s part of his re-election campaign. He didn’t have anything to say, not even about the sewer crisis at Oregon Corners.

Sam O told us that we could have a 15% increase in taxes due to unfunded mandates from the state, except that the county has other funding sources.

One of the county budget issues that I don’t understand is a shortage of home health aides. I have been told that people who need them are wait listed. Since it is Medicare/Medicaid reimbursed, and they are so poorly paid, I don’t understand the shortage, especially pre-Medicaid. I remember the discussion about the county organization, then the abandonment to a private organization, but I don’t understand what the problem with adequate service is.

Gene does his school report on the school that his kid attends, and always ignores the other schools in the Town. I had hoped for something other than a listing of the school events, and a pol speech about taxes from a school liaison. Silly me! Mr. Yetter expressed his support for Mr. Ball pre-election, but dismissed the tax cap idea at this meeting. I’m not a tax cap fan for many reasons, but the suggestion that the state impose a tax cap on itself misses the point that decreased state funding increases property taxes and unfairly burdens our community. I wish that our Town Board would scrutinize their own spending. Every pol passes the buck. It’s the state, it’s the school….

The low bidder for the open top containers for bulk is in reorganization, to be completed soon, and one of the other bidders pointed that out. It was responsible for the TB to investigate, but why didn’t they have the conversation about the AAA/Karta goings on?

I do go on about backroom meetings, but then there are some discussions that do not seem like they should be held publicly at a Town Board meeting. The segment on Blue Jay Place was one of those. It is a private road. They need their own attorney. It was unseemly to be discussing the road owner in a negative light when he was not there. Nor should he have been. Where do we stand on the attorney for the Town making lawyer referrals for residents? There was some discussion about the realtors’ responsibility for explaining private roads and easements to buyers, but usually buyers and sellers have attorneys to represent their interests.

There’s a model law on fire prevention in building codes and the TB had a rambling discussion about it.

There were additions to personnel for Parks and Rec, no one named or money mentioned, as usual.

They authorized a contract for an amusement event in April, no money mentioned.

Bob wants to give VS Construction most of its bond back for sedimentation and erosion, because they haven’t built the 11th house. It made sense to him when he said it. He thinks it’s unseemly to hold it. There’s a large sinkhole… they tabled it, in case that has something to do with erosion and sedimentation.

$15k debris control at Carreras Beach has reared its ugly head again.

But there was progress. The TB knows that there was already discussion on the septic system in LP. Judy supplied the paperwork. She wasn’t there at the time, but Bob and Wendy were….. The DOH was not receptive, as I had said, and as the LP budget committee said at budget time. So they are talking about the Incinolet, Envirolet, and the Boy Scout Camp system. I have never been to Boy Scout camp, so I don’t know what that is.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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