Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 21, 2011

Irregular Town Board – 3/9/11

Town Board “Work” Session – March 9, 2011

The “regular” Town Board meeting was last Wednesday and I am trying to review it, but nothing is
working, so I will tell you what happened at the “irregular” meeting, the “work” session on March 9, 2011.  I’ll go
back to the last meeting, but after listening for the fourth time to Wendy announce the announcements, I need a break.
I did hear the beginning of the reports before it stopped yet again, and the highway announcements were a little weird, as they have been lately.  The major event at Oregon Corners was not mentioned, and there was a commercial for the highway guys by both Gary and Wendy.  Now this would seem like business as usual, but I think you will find that there was a political sea change, not enough of one to save Putnam Valley.  That still depends on you.  But a sea change nonetheless.

The Republicans and the Democrats have changed horses and you will see this highway announcement as
part of that equestrian performance.  Note who is backing whom.  It’s funny when there are two sides of the same side…

Is Mr. Pawera running again?

First the sea change.  To get away from public corruption, you will need to get involved.  Not a lot, just a
little, but you cannot count on the same old *#%@ to make your home something better.  All the information is available to you.  You know about Vinnie Leibell’s fall from grace, and you know who supported him.
So change it!  Now!

This year, Mr. Cinque, Mr. Yetter, Mr. Tendy, Ms. Royael, and Mr. Oliverio are all up for
re-election.  You will need to find willing, honest and competent candidates.
Then support them.  You have all the power.  Do it.  In addition, you need to find someone to run
for Highway Superintendent, Town Justice, and County Executive.

One more note about the streaming media problem.  I tried to download the “regular” event, and ended up with the work session.  It is magic.

So now for the “irregular” meeting, more irregular than most.  There was a 15 minute work session, then a back room meeting from which the public was excluded.  A 15 minute public meeting!  And mostly the backroom topics
were secret.  I am still wondering where Ms. Nackman is.  She was ready to pound Sam into the ground (oh right, she did) about a Kaspar litigation meeting that was not announced in advance (it does not have to be), but she has never had
anything at all to say about Bob’s 9 years in office, and secret topics in backroom meetings.  Gee, do you think it’s
possible that the media is biased?

So town government becomes more and more hidden from the public, and we are kept out of most of what is
going on.

As I said, change it.

There was a technical problem with the 15 minute part, so only one camera was operational.  It really doesn’t matter.  The technical problem that does matter, and has mattered, is sound.  Too much noise and not enough amplification.  So whenGene was talking about hangers on the bridge, it was impossible to hear what he was talking about.  I suppose that for a board who has already decided that you don’t need to know, it is better this way.

Before the technical problem was discovered or solved, they talked about a carnival for the Sunset
Series.  Bob has made parties a big priority for his administration, and has already chosen a date for his Entergy
party.  I’m sure that meltdowns in Japan will not deter him, because until he’s in the middle of it, he will not deal
with it.  He says the carnival will be a lot of fun.

They will accept a new letter of credit for the subdivision for Agnes Keating.  I was under the impression that
there is some sort of deadline on these projects, and this one was approved back in 2005 for Phil Keating.

The topics for the backroom were vaguer than necessary.   A contractual matter, possible litigation, seeking advice of counsel, which is not one of the 3 possible topic s, and a personnel matter.  They were also going to talk about a partial
collapse on Canopus Hollow Road, which, it would seem, is a public matter for public discussion.  But for our secret government, it was discussed in the backroom meeting because part of the property is on
private property.  Of course, part of the property is public, and so there should have been some public discussion.  You may, however, find that our representatives prefer the backroom.

Blue Jay Place is a private road that wants to be public, but the Town Board only takes over
private roads for developers.

They were planning to release the Adorno bond and reduce the Emerald Ridge bond – both erosion and
sedimentation control.

And the DEC has approved the carp fencing for Roaring Brook Lake.   By the time our town government gets around to things, their technology is outdated by at least 10 years.  But at least, they are finally doing something that will actually help.

They were getting a proposal from Todd to put a septic system at the Lake Peekskill garage.  If you think you have heard this all before,   That’s because you have.  The more things change, the more they stay the same. And if you get involved in your community, and listen to the same people talking about the same things for 10 years, it can get pretty dull.   Sam
D. had investigated this when life was not quite so difficult, and we could afford to pay for things.  The health
department said no.  Sam had suggested an incinerating toilet or a compost toilet with heat, which would save the
taxpayers a lot of money.  Nothing was done, and we are back to what was described as a $30,000 project at budget
time.  Bob and his buds think LP has lots of money and Bob says that he can get the DOH to agree….  There was a $40,000 annual payment for engineering fees from the new water system that LP residents did not want and
Bob did, and since we don’t have to pay that this year, Bob thought he would find other projects for our money, instead of giving it back.  And there is also the raided truck fund for garbage equipment, whatever is left in that.
Review the video about Bob’s attitude toward spending the taxpayers’ money.  Just scroll down a little bit.

So I think I have made the most of 15 minutes.  You can try asking your PUBLIC OFFICIALS –  the people who
supposedly represent you, what they did in the backroom, but I think you may find that they will protect each other before they will represent you.  And you can try asking them what happened at Oregon Corners and post that publicly.
Or you can listen to the rumor mill, since it is more reliable than they are.

They were going to accept an architect’s proposal for Bob’s addition to Town Hall, thanks to Vinnie
Leibell and you.  His office is so cramped you know.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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