Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 2, 2011

February Town Board 2011

February Town Board 2011

At the work session, the main topic was Little League.  Usually towns don’t run Little League,
and don’t belong to the association.  To the Putnam Valley Town Board, a Town run Little League seems very important.  I don’t know why.  It was so important that they passed a contingent resolution at the “regular” meeting.
They’ll join if the Little League Association accepts their bylaws in place of their own…  Why not just wait
until they know?  Is Little League a function of Town government?

They also resurrected the Sam Davis solar photovoltaic project.  Wendy wants to take credit for
a four year delay.  Oh no, that’s not what she wants to take credit for.  Actually,
I’m not sure what she wants to take credit for, but Bob wants to give it to her.  The dormitory authority, who has
already gifted $250,000 to Bob for some sort of office remodelling, via Vinnie Leibell, has given another $50,000 for the balance of the solar project or the energy savings recommended by the NYSERDA energy audit done during the Davis
term.  Sure is peculiar in the re-telling.

Bob was uncharacteristically short-winded at the “regular” meeting.  I still had to fast

The star of the night was Vinnie Tamagna, who hasn’t come around for quite awhile.  He commented on
his Valentine’s Day with Bob.  Perhaps he’s smitten, or maybe he’s  just running for County

Strange spiel.  The County Legislature is working hard on NYC MS4 – stormwater runs off the roads,
building sites, and houses, and pollutes everything.  NYC’s watershed is mostly not in Putnam
Valley, so this is not the MS4 that we have to worry about.  No other watersheds are really being worried
about, except by George, who is apparently personally responsible for the Peekskill watershed, and Bob’s $300,000 uber wall.

I never did get the point.

Vinnie said that he doesn’t know if phosphorus needs to be removed from stormwater.  Huh??

He also talked about bubble compliance.  3 Brewster – Folchetti projects are going to filter 175 kg of their phosphorus, so he thinks that should almost satisfy the 185 kg requirement for the whole Putnam NYC watershed.  So it’s okay to pollute everywhere else?

And on the subject of George personally providing protection for the Peekskill watershed, Sam O says that they are going to push
the law clerk to push Judge Nikolai to decide the county’s summary judgment motion.  Their attorney, Andrew Negro, has told them that it is a no brainer.

Which brought up the subject of Peekskill Hollow Road.  Bob wants to know when they will
start.  You may remember that Bob was the sole pro commenter at the big Physical Services Committee meeting.  Lots of residents came out to express their opposition to the project.  Bob’s all for it, and so are our legislators.  The
project has not changed.  The environmental review was illegal.

The discussion is 39 minutes in.  You might want to check it out.

Bob complained about county highway maintenance.  I just loved his remark about the Town highway
crew doing the county’s job, cleaning out the brush next to the stream.  Bob doesn’t seem to understand the concept of
riparian buffers next to streams, filtering pollutants and providing habitat.  To him, they’re just
weeds.  And when he solicited the help of the highway department to denude that area, he was asked to stop, ‘cause he was
breaking so many laws. He couldn’t just let that story die…

Ever notice how Bob never reads personnel appointments for Parks and Recreation?

The Children Center was discussed.  It’s well run, but is this a function of Town government?

Vinnie talked about Medicaid.  It’s a serious burden for taxpayers, and a serious failure all around, except….  Even
if our communities are ready to throw poor people under the bus, let’s not forget that this is the safety net for our elderly.  And even if we cut pitiful benefits to the poor, I’m not sure how much that will save.   It is probably the elderly benefit that eats up the most tax dollars.  For the poor, how about a different system, innovation, less bureaucracy, more healthcare.  Use veterans’ hospitals, consolidate programs, rethink.

I prefer specific efficiency improvements to mindless cuts.  I have seen plenty of inefficiency in government.

They also discussed the firehouse at the work session.  They are all for it, except Wendy wants the orientation changed so that they can use solar power.  That’s how they got on the discussion of Sam’s solar project.

We’ll see.  I have to go see what the PB had to say about Marsh Hill Road.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.






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