Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 20, 2011

worth repeating

Town Board “Regular Meeting” – January 19, 2011

Due to weather, there was no TB work session this month.

Jackie Annabi voted against accepting VS Construction’s new section of Marsh Hill Road, on the theory that since the Town Board passed a
resolution saying that they would no longer accept new roads from developers, and since they have no obligation to accept new roads, that she wouldn’t vote to accept a new road. Even though she did this before, it still seems to be a novel concept to the rest of the Board.

There’s a sign in Westchester about a 7% grade….like that’s something to warn people about.  Marsh Hill Road has 15-17% grades.  We were reminded of the peculiar logic of allowing this extension of the road as a cul de sac with 13 houses, even though the code says a dead end road should be no longer than 1200 feet.  It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t now.  We were reminded that there is access provided to the 30 (Bob said 36) acres of
land that Mr. Santucci could have developed.  It was not developable land, but then, neither was this parcel.  I’ve been up that hill, and I wouldn’t go up there to access the public parecel.

What we were not reminded of was that Priscilla, Wendy, Bob, and Dan voted on the intention to accept this road.  They could not accept it at that point, and they did not have the right to make a decision for a future board, but it would have given VS Construction a good legal argument, something you always want your Town Board to provide.

Mr. Steinmetz made a return visit for the event.

Of course, at this point, it is all moot.  Once the access was provided to the public parcel, it would have been bad form not to accept the road.  The bad decisions had all been made previously.  It won’t change until y’all decide to change it.

Mr. Santucci has the odd distinction of being the most searched topic on my blog.  What’s that about?  Number 2 is AAA Carting/ Karta…..

Bob announced his 2 executive sessions for contracts and litigation with Aquamarine and the NYS Department of Labor. Hmmm…..that sounds
interesting.  Odd, isn’t it that no litigation decisions are made at public meetings.  Wouldn’t that mean that decisions are being
made in executive sessions?  Wouldn’t that mean that there would have to be minutes?          Well, yeah, it would.

At the county level, the big news, aside from Paul Eldridge, and John Tully coming back (I think both are positive), is term
limits.  2 years for County Executive, although the next County Executive can get away with 2 on top of the 3 year
unexpired term.  The CE term is a 4 year term.  4 terms term limit for County Legislature, which is too long.   I guess it’s hard
for them to vote against their own jobs. Their terms are 3 years.  The public hearing is Tuesday night, in case you want to say anything.  You can write to them too, fax or email.   Sam O dispelled the rumor that he was running for CE, but he told the Journal News that he was considering it, so was it
really a rumor?

Sam O is anxious for the summary judgment against George’s Super Station at Oregon Corners, citing 10 years of not paying taxes.  But included in that is Bob’s great wall for $300,000.  Someone told me that there’s a problem with that wall.  Looks to me like nothing would take that wall down.

They authorized soil testing at the Adorno property and Boswell Road, due to illegal fill. Another one of those litigation decisions
that was not made in public. The Town Engineer picked the company.

They realized that they had reappointed Annette to the Planning board, even though they had reappointed her last year, so they reappointed
Kevin Byrne this time.

Gene was talking about the autodialing that the school does.  The Lake Peekskill budget committee wanted an autodialer for Lake Peekskill, but has been unable to get through to the Town board for 3 years now. Maybe they could make Jackie our liaison.  It shouldn’t be just Lake Peekskill. The town
should have one, but then, it would enhance open communication.

There may be an LP district quarterly meeting in February.  They will again discuss the ridiculous proposal to spend $15,000 on debris screening for Carreras Beach.  There is a proposal for a $200 muck analysis for the lake, that would give us information about doing
something positive and protective for the lake.  No one is listening.

They are ordering cloroplast signs for the Zoning Board of appeals.  That is a major advancement.  I don’t know why it has
taken so long.  Those old metal signs were ridiculous.  Now we need to use signs for the Planning board applications.

The library is collecting money for books for soldiers.  .50 for a book.  It’s a good investment.

Last year, 60,000 items were circulated by the library.

Saturday, February 12, Sandy Galef will be at the library from 10-12.  She will be at the Desmond
Fish Library on Thursday, February 10 with Kevin Cahill from 7-9 to talk about changing property tax funding of schools.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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