Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 19, 2011

Putnam Valley January 2011



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonight, the Town Board will accept dedication of Marsh Hill Road, and one of the worst chapters of shameless politics will come full
circle.  Dedication means that the developer, who is anxious to stop maintaining the road in his development will “donate”
his road to you, the taxpayers, to maintain.

Marsh Hill Road is a long, very steep, dead end road that branches off Peekskill Hollow Road. All the reasons not to put a development at
the end of that road were put forth by many citizens of the Town.  The Attorney to the Town said that the Town Board could stop the development, known both as Emerald Ridge and Meadow Ridge.  Enter Councilwoman Whetsel, who believed that it was to her political advantage to have secret meetings with Val Santucci, the principal of VS Construction, and to proffer a deal.  Dan Ricci and Bob Tendy were already on board
with the deal.  So Wendy was the turncoat needed.  And she was only too happy to be of service.

So after tonight, it will be your road.  When you pay your taxes, thank Wendy.

There are still complaints about the drainage at the bottom of the hill running onto Peekskill Hollow Road, but the county said VS
Construction doesn’t have to do anything about that.  So there you go!

Bad planning, bad politics.



To start January, there was an unremarkable  reorganization meeting.  Everything in Putnam Valley must be fine,
because it’s all the same.  It justs costs more money.  Raises for almost everyone.

I almost forgot, Bob started the new year off right, by announcing an executive session about litigation and personnel without
announcing the topics, as required by state law.

There are a few changes. Mike Fithian is leaving the Zoning Board.  I’m sorry to see him go, and grateful for the
time he put in.

Don Laurence left the Ethics Board.  Jean Denike is on.  The Archbishop Anthony will be Chair instead
of Leibell connected Clem van Ross.  I thought the Board was supposed to choose their own Chair.

Mike Cicale is back on….

Many of the elected and appointed officials are going or have gone to the Association of Towns meeting.  They have $50/day food
allowances.  Bob wanted $70.  If they are going home, I don’t see why the taxpayers should pay for their dinner.
There was an idiotic discussion about hotel stays because Bob and Wendy refused to pay Sam’s after they sent him to the conference as a delegate.  They pinch pennies and waste millions.  See above video.  So do you think Bob will learn how to properly announce an executive session at the conference you are paying for.  Don’t hold your breath.

Some salaries:

Director of Finance  $66,000

Town Clerk $60,974 + 753 +1500

Earl Smith $87,607

Bill Zutt $85,000

Town Justices $20thou something

Irv Sevelowitz $65,088 + 5252 + 3988


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.


PS: If anyone is going to the meeting tonight, perhaps you can ask Bob the question that he has been ignoring on the lohud blog.  His former law partner has taken Brian Gibbons’ home away from him, and a lot of us are concerned about it.  Brian’s wife died last year.  He is now in his 70’s, and his health is not good.  Since Mr. Cinque and Mr. Annabi have offices with Mr. Zarcone, and Bob has promised to deliver
municipal water to Oregon corners for John and Marie, we would like to know what Bob, Bob, and Jackie are doing about getting Mr. Gibbons back into his home.




  1. Thanks for starting off the New Year with another informative article. As you pointed out, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. For instance, the disgraceful saga of Zarcone/ Gibbons et al is not to be outdone by the ongoing disgrace of Super George who continues to have a thriving business that can’t be touched not matter how much he owes in back taxes or how many environmental laws he continues to thumb his nose at. Then we have the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, the new $10 million dollar firehouse which is not getting a Federal grant any time soon. Since the substantial emergency services voting block want this white elephant, rest assured we will get it. Also in the news, our new school super resides in Connecticut and according to BOE spokeswoman Fitzgerald, she was doing a bang-up job as both acting super and assistant super (or whatever her title was). Bottom line, it would be a HUGE savings for us if we could knock out the deputy position and just pay one salary for the superintendent. Anyone really believe that will happen? Nah…

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