Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 5, 2010



Budget 2011


+ $882,570 fire protection

+ district taxes

+ county taxes

Town  8.18% tax increase,
with $82,500 taken from fund balance

Highway 8.81% tax increase with $25,000 taken from fund

Fire protection 13.57% tax increase

Lake Peekskill 8.43% tax increase

Lake Oscawana 7.64% tax increase

Assessed Valuation is down 5.47%, so your individual tax
increase will change according to where your assessment falls with regard to
that decrease.

Some Budget Increases

Town Justices up $2,000

Town Clerk $63,720 + $2680 Tax Receiver + Registrar $754

Special Counsel in 2009 was $54,485.  Since none of the authorizations are done in
open meetings, you would need to FOIL all the court cases and bills to see why
or to whom it was paid.

Bob’s office $250,000

Town Vehicle Purchase $21,800

Videographer $54,843 + $12,000 equipment

Contingent Account $50,000

Building Inspector $67,910 + Fire Inspection $5,252 +
Pump Station $3988

Ambulance Corps went up from $234,000 to $243,360

Library went up from $252,725 to $260,307

Museum Contract $10,500

Highway Superintendent $87,600

Deputy Highway Superintendent $66,670

VFW $2500

Recreation Director $67,680

Childcare Director $66,925

Town Day $16,000

Senior Recreation $9000

Arts Committee $1000

Engineer $20,000

Planner $20,000

Transfer Station Costs $141,792

Town Debt Payment $180,270

Highway Debt Payment $138,150

The budget is available in the Town Clerk’s office or from that office or
on email.  I have only located one televised budget meeting.  Wednesday night’s meeting has not yet been posted.
I have heard that Bob had a fight and doesn’t know what the fire department fund balance is.  The
approximately 14% increase in the fire department budget line does not include the proposed building. The Lake Peekskill could be much improved, but the Town Board will not do that. Apparently, a candidacy was announced for highway superintendent and his platform is that the highway budget isn’t high enough.  That oughta fly well.



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