Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 13, 2010

An Historical Moment

The Planning Board agenda for October 18,2010, has been published. Notably missing is the 5:30 “communications.” That may not sound like much, but it has taken 2 1/2 years of blogging about the illegal backroom meetings, and a complaint to the Committee on Open Government to get this far. So presumably there will be no quorum of Planning Board members in the backroom, and no public, and everyone now knows, and will abide by the law.

Hopefully, Mr. Tendy, who berated me for accusing the Planning Board for having these illegal meetings, now knows more about open meetings, and will be on the correct side of the issue next time.

Sadly, the Planning Board could have opted to hold their backroom meetings in the courtroom, announced, and accommodating the public, as well as videotaping. The Planning Board needs far more transparency and public participation, not less. There are numerous ways to achieve that. I suspect that the public would have to make some changes if they want to see open government in Putnam Valley.

But, at least, the meetings will no longer be held illegally……we hope.


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