Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 6, 2010

Putnam Valley Planning Board August

Planning Board August 9, 2010

For the summer, the planning board has been meeting once a month (instead of twice).  The agenda ended up with 14 items plus a surprise request.

The fire department’s final scoping document was accepted.  They added onto the draft document due to issues raised in public comments.  For those who are used to the format of id’ed comments and response, this format was a surprise.   At this meeting, the planner noted which pages have changed, and he indicated the headings.  There was no mention at this meeting that the fire department did not get the grant they applied for, although it should have been known at that time.

2. Cummings – Hudsonview, 2nd floor addition and detached garage on .97 acres.  The Planning Board denied sketch, so that the applicant can go to the ZBA.  The Chair told the applicant, “Once you get your variances, then you’ll come back and we approve your sketch.”  If it is a foregone conclusion before the process, then why bother with the process….

3. Bellamy – Luigi Drive, R1, 1 acre single family, the zone that wouldn’t exist anymore if our Town representatives followed the Comprehensive Plan, and voted for what they said.  They got their variance, and the Planning Board approved sketch and set a public hearing.

4. Mann  – Cold Spring Road, an existing house on a small parcel on Lake Oscawana.  They will be replacing the foundation and the septic and increasing the livable area.  It is going to public hearing on September 13.

5. Emerald Ridge – They were back to request that they be able to apply for the last 25% of building permits prior to completion of the subdivision roads.  Infrastructure must be complete by 2/7/11.  The lots have all sold!

6. Maple Leaf – Bill Bricklemaier was there as engineer.  Bill Zutt is recused, but remained in the room.  Bob Lusardi is counsel representing the town.  This is the controversial application for a truck dispatch business under the landscaping decision for Tompkins on Morrissey Drive.  This argument was already attempted by Hilyer on Morrissey.  The code does not include landscaping as a permitted use.  Mr. Lusardi talked about “potential permitted authority.” 

The plan includes a 33’X 48′ building, a 100’x100’ gravel pad for truck and equipment storage, 4 storage bins (does that mean containers?), and a stormwater basin. The wetland is not regulated. Stormwater on the property drains to the properties to the south.  The Planning Board granted sketch approval. 

7.   NYC DEP – Shaft no. 8, up on 301.  This has been around for a long time.  Repairs to the NYC water system.  The plan now includes utilities and a fence.  There are wetlands considerations.  Access is through easements.

8. Dominguez wanted an extension, but applied much too late.  He is on for sketch approval and public hearing on September 13.

9.  Flory – Mobil, On the Run wants to put in a drive through.  Said something about a new septic.  He recently received approval for expansion of the gas pumping operation.

10. Michener – Woods End Road, applied for and was given a 90 day extension of final subdivision approval.  Her engineer said that she is “making progress,” but may need a new approval.

11. extension for Goncalves on Oscawana Lake Road.

12. 6 month final extension for Yung Lee.  This is the second extension.

Decision on a 2 lot subdivision on Kramers Pond Road – final subdivision approved.

Emerald Ridge – surprise request for minor field change on lot 8, to move the house forward.  Reduces the area of disturbance.  Bill Zutt said that it didn’t meet the threshold for a minor change, then said it did.  Referred to the Town Engineer.



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