Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 8, 2010


On Monday, July 12, 2010, the Putnam Valley Planning Board will hold a scoping session for the Putnam Valley Fire Department’s proposed $11 million firehouse on Oscawana Lake Road next to the ambulance corps.  

The hearing is set for 6PM, but be sure to come at 5:30 for the Planning Board’s backroom “communications.”

A scoping session is set by the Planning Board to include public input regarding the environmental concerns to be included in the SEQR (state environmental quality review) scoping documents.  Those concerns will be included in the review.  This is not a meeting to express your support or opposition to the project, or to have your questions answered.   Environmental review includes economic considerations and community impact.

The Town /Planning/Zoning Board attorney has opined that the public is not entitled to a referendum regarding this expense as the building is not a municipal building.  Yet the only reason that this building, proposed in a residential neighborhood, has progressed to this point is that the Planning Board has opined that it is a municipal building.

Please come out on July 12 and express your concerns.


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