Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 29, 2010

Putnam Valley Town Board – June

Town Board, June 16, 2010

“regular meeting”

Blah de blah blah blah….

Oregon Corners

Then Sam O’s report – The county is waiting for the DEC soil results at Oregon Corners and then they will decide whether to foreclose or give the property away to a private company.  I think they would have to foreclose regardless.

Chapter 31

The recent change to Chapter 31 that allows public land give-aways by the County Legislature to private owners is ripe for abuse.  The full text is posted here.  When I have time, I will give it its own page. Coupled with the recent attempt to get tax dollars to build roads for Mr. Camarda, the Putnam Valley pork for the sake of the election, and the recent grab for pork in Albany, there is plenty of reason for concern right here at home.  Tax dollars for developers, for elections, and for private companies, while the rest of us struggle.

The Fire Department

Mr. O also mentioned the fire department.  No binding referendum is allowed because the fire department is private, not municipal.  I don’t think anyone was asking for a binding referendum, especially not by the November election, just the opportunity to gather a consensus.

But the municipal building concept is important.  The land is residentially zoned.  This building is only allowed there because it is a municipal building. Clearly it is not.  A lot of taxpayer dollars could have been saved if the Planning Board had known that.

Additionally, there is always the possibility of changing to a fire district.  It would be useful to know what the financial consequences would be.

Then, there was some more blah de blah blah blah.

Then they voted on something without saying what. – maybe minutes?  Bob’s television skills are deteriorating.

Road Dedication

Some on Tyler Road want to dedicate their road to the Town.  Gene said the Town only accepts roads that are up to code.  Well, not exactly, but the Board voted not to accept dedication of any new roads just before accepting dedication of 2 new roads, and making noises about future acceptance of two, maybe 3 others.  Dedication means you the taxpayers get to pay.  Bob made it clear that he’d rather discuss it behind closed doors.

Irv Sevelowitz

They appointed Irv Sevelowitz for another 6 months.  Wendy asked why.  Bob gave a non-explanation, and Wendy didn’t press him.  No one is supposed to really know what is going on.

 Secret Court Report

To that end, Bob asked if everyone had received the court report with the building report, but declined to explain to the public.  We are only supposed to know what we dig out ourselves.  Between the secrecy and bullying, this is the worst Board we have ever had.

 Zoning Code

Then, they went off on their own little tangents.  Wendy’s tangent was the zoning code.  She was the swing vote that defeated the code, but somehow, she believes she will have some political advantage by pushing it now.

 So Bob said, “I’m not in favor of the current form of it.  I wasn’t in favor of it to begin with.  The people who I’ve talked to, who are working on it say the document is just a disaster.

 It was written behind closed doors.  I think it was written in an amateurish, though well-intentioned fashion.”

 Does anyone believe these bull feces?  Mr. Tendy has been working against a coherent, workable code for so many years, so successfully, that he doesn’t even know how ridiculous his comments are.

 And as one voter/taxpayer commented, what difference does it make when they don’t enforce anything.  And no, it wasn’t Patty.  Has anyone noticed the denuding of the riparian buffer on the lakeside of the former gym? Or the trucks at 14 Morrissey Drive? 

 Incentive Zoning

Bob’s only interest is in how to get around the zoning code.  Incentive zoning – what the Town Board can do for developers – how to avoid zoning.  July 21 at 6PM.

 And then there was Ted, yelling at everyone for not going to a meeting that no one knew about and at me for letting them know about an ill-conceived project that he supported.

 Fun meeting.  Now I will have to catch up on the Planning Board.



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