Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 24, 2010

Putnam Valley Town Board – June 9, 2010

Putnam Valley Town Board June “work session” 2010

June 9, 2010

31 minutes long

 Amendment to the agenda

The board didn’t word their proposal for the clean water state revolving fund, so they needed to redo it.  I’m not sure why.  This is a way of borrowing money from the state for water projects, in this case, Lake Oscawana’s plan.  While I worked in Town Hall, Lake Peekskill was listed for this fund, but experts told us the money was used for poor communities who have had flooding and emergency water supply issues, so we’d never be able to get it.  Perhaps the experts were wrong and Bob’s right.

 Gene wants one rule for boars impacting all districts.  Reader comment on the boar rules: “

 “Gene wants one rule for boars impacting all districts.”
A few suggestions:
  1. No boars on the beach
  2. Please curb your boar
  3. Any boars found loitering will be used for a Family Day ‘roast’.”
I meant boats, but this was so much more fun.

The district rules are a mess, but then, so is the code, and it only gets worse.

 Gene thinks there should be a fee for boat tags (there is one now in Lake Peekskill).  I don’t.  People pay taxes for beaches they don’t use.  They shouldn’t be required to pay for boat tags, even a modest amount.

 Bob changed the date of the public hearing on incentive zoning – his developer give-away plan.  He said, “I deem it would be improper for me to not be here.”  Improper!!  He just wants to be sure he’s there to bully those of us who disagree.  Will the Senate’s anti-bullying bill affect Bob?

 Incentive zoning – July 21 – 6PM public hearing

Bob will be gone the week before, so if you need to go to Town Hall, it will be safe that week.

The Teamsters will be going onto summer hours as usual.  Bob tells us that we will save money this way, but since this is the usual way of doing it, there is nothing to compare it to, and we won’t be saving money doing the same thing.

 Bob wants to give the court officer an increase.  He deserves it.

 The “Town” will lease the Lake Oscawana land that was given to the county.  Bob consistently says Town when talking about districts.  I am concerned about the fuzziness surrounding the distinction between town and districts, most often Lake Oscawana and Lake Peekskill.  It should be clear what is town and district property and expense.

 There were parks and rec personnel appointments.

 A Tyler Road discussion was put on the agenda for the “regular meeting.”

 Mr. Tendy proudly announced that Entergy is contributing to his Town and Family Days.  There was a former Parks and Rec employee who would try to fund her programs with Entergy money, and she was stopped because it was considered unethical……..

 There have been a lot of Lake Peekskill maintenance costs this year.  It took the budget committee and Supervisor Davis some time to overcome the negligence of prior administrations, and we did so successfully, but we are back to that lack of planning and oversight.  Gene recommends that Lake Peekskill bid out our garbage contract.



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