Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 24, 2010

Putnam Valley May Work Session

Work Session – May 12, 2010

Incentive Zoning

Oil Coop

Energy something or other

Wendy is our liaison to the Putnam County Energy whatever – the person who defeated solar photovoltaics in Putnam Valley.  Ironic huh!

Wendy wants to spend $3000 to let us know about the oil coop.  Bob Cinque thinks a PennySaver ad would be a lot cheaper.  How about the free or really cheap methods, or an investment in an autodialer?

So, on to incentive zoning – Bob and Bill love this one.  Everyone else except Wendy will go along.

Now, Bob tells us that if someone has 2 parcels and they can put 20 houses on each, incentive zoning will let them put 40 houses on one, and give the other parcel to us.  To him, it all works out better than before. Perhaps if you happen to live next to the 40 houses, you would feel differently.  This is exactly the objection that people have to cluster housing, a useful, environmentally positive tool, when not in the wrong hands.

This will throw out the zoning code that hasn’t been updated since 1995, out the window.

One of the oft-mentioned parcels is the Hauesgen property, next to Cranbury Pond, where the Town paid to put in a well, in anticipation of providing water to Town Hall and surrounding properties.  This project was daunting in its potential costs.  It would be cheaper to buy the maybe 14 houses involved.

For the neighboring residents, who have objected to the houses already proposed on that property, I would assume more houses would be a tad upsetting.

Bob says that we need this bill because we cannot charge impact fees, but as with the retirement bonuses, his numbers are fuzzy.  No, they are non-existent.

He says that we can use this law to get more baseball fields which will bring us revenue.

Fuzzy, fuzzy math.

 I hear the “regular” Town Board meeting was a humdinger.  I will let you know.



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