Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 11, 2010

AAA/Karta/Southeast/Putnam Valley


There was an issue regarding Southeast’s garbage, responsible bids, the DEC, where the garbage is going, permits.  The Town of Putnam Valley’s board seemed oblivious when they awarded their contract.  I commented on that.  A John James objects to my mention of it.  Mr. James, are you a real person or merely an alter ego?  If there was an error in the Journal News reports, you can ask them for a correction.  I merely commented that the Town Board should consider the issue that was reported in the newspaper.  I have no interest in getting into it with the garbage industry or with the Journal News reports.  If there was or is an issue, the Town Board should research it and consider it.

Some of the supporting research:

“These latest violations include “accepting unauthorized waste, processing
and storing waste in violation of procedure, failing to keep the facility’s
equipment and buildings in adequate condition and failing to properly
control litter, vermin and odors.”

Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 11:20 AM

This article was on Page 3 in the Journal News.  The owners of Karta are apparently related to the owners of AAA, the company that Mr. Rights and Mr. Yee have been major proponents of taking over the Town of Southeast Garbage District.

The site that is at the center of this controversy is the site where AAA has its base of operations.  As you know, I visited this site in addition to Sanipro’s operations.  It was unpaved (DEC won’t allow it apparently) and clearly not a efficiently/ professionally operated as the Sanipro facility.

1017 Lower S Street, Peekskill, NY 10566

This issue about the Karta/AAA’s permit at this site might explain why AAA left a question blank in its Garbage District bid application submission about where Southeast garbage would go.  The owner told me that they left it blank “for competitive reasons.”

State A.G. seeks to shut down waste facility in Peekskill
Marcela Rojas • mrojas@lohud. com • February 9, 2010
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Buzz up!Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A The state Attorney General’s Office is yet another agency going after the embattled Peekskill-based waste management station, Karta Corp.

The state attorney general filed a complaint Jan. 20 in state Supreme Court in White Plains on behalf of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, seeking to shut down the facility and obtain penalties for violating a 2006 consent order Karta had with the DEC.

Karta had earlier signed three other consent orders with the DEC following a history of repeated violations that stretch back more than a decade, according to the lawsuit.

The state claims Karta directly violated the conditions of the 2006 consent order “hundreds of times” and violated its permit and solid waste management regulations more than “3,000 times.”

In November 2008, the DEC directed Karta to cease accepting waste at the facility. Karta temporarily suspended operations but reopened in May 2009, according to the filing.
These latest violations include “accepting unauthorized waste, processing and storing waste in violation of procedure, failing to keep the facility’s equipment and buildings in adequate condition and failing to properly control litter, vermin and odors.”

For violating the 2006 consent order, the state is seeking the $150,000 penalty Karta initially agreed to pay under that order, up to $7,500 for the first day of each violation and an additional amount up to $1,500 for each day the violation continues, along with another $15,000 for each day in which construction and debris has been placed at the site.

The state also seeks those same penalties — with the exception of the $150,000 — for violating its permit and another for violating solid waste management regulations.
Last year, the DEC began a separate action to revoke Karta’s permit.

The agency is awaiting a decision from an administrative law judge, said DEC spokeswoman Wendy Rosenbach.

Karta’s attorney, Michele Bonsignore, said Friday she had not been served with any papers concerning the Attorney General’s latest action.

“The complaint mirrors the (DEC) litigation,” said Bonsignore of Scarsdale. “This is nothing more than an attempt to shut down the facility by using the back door, and it won’t be tolerated.”

Bonsignore said Karta continues to operate at 1013-1017 Lower South St. When asked if AAA Carting or some other company was working out of that location, Bonsignore said Karta owns the permit.

“They are lawfully operating the facility,” she said. “It is Karta or someone they have lawfully authorized.”

Meanwhile, Bonsignore said she was headed to federal court Friday so that a judge could interpret a settlement between Karta and Peekskill that includes whether the city is going to purchase the property.

As part of a legal deal worked out in 2005, the city has an option to buy Karta’s land on the riverfront at “fair-market value” to redevelop the neighborhood.
Bonsignore said the city has not made Karta an offer yet.

Peekskill’s Corporation Counsel Paul Schwerman did not return calls for comment.



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