Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 7, 2010

Meetings this week

Monday Planning Board, March 8, 2010

Interesting agenda.

3 public hearings.

Mr. Marinelli – 2 houses on Oscawana Lake Road, 16 acres.  This is an oldie.

Didn’t he build the Great Wall?

PHR and Quincy – 1 acre in 3 acre zoning.  Isn’t that all wetlands?

And Rose Hills Cemetery, where they paved the road even though it was gravel on the plans and the ZBA variances. And a pre-existing non-conforming use that pays no taxes to the town…..

Sketch – Bryant Pond Road, 4 Secor Road.  They want to demolish a house and put up a 7,777 sq. ft. mixed use commercial building.

Review – Sisyphus, er.. Putnam Cafe, aka Mema’s.  They want to change the plan.  Has the erosion been corrected?  Has the preservation area been restored?

And Maple Leaf Associates wants to do something or other on Oscawana Lake Road.

Starts at 5:30 in the backroom.

Wednesday Town Board “work session,” March 10, 2010


It will start with a public hearing on an unsafe building at Crofts Corners.


Mr. Zutt says that, by statute, there must be a public hearing. 

Hmmmmm………  There wasn’t a public hearing for George’s Super Station.  There wasn’t one at Cimarron Ranch.


Oh, and apparently the Town is going to spring for these repairs too.


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