Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 2, 2010

February Planning Board

The February 22 PB meeting was even more entertaining than the January firehouse meeting.  The second agenda item is the one to watch if you want to see what business as usual is in Putnam Valley.
However, first up was Rose Hills Cemetery.  You remember that they are a pre-existing, non-conforming use that cannot expand because it hadn’t already been planned.  They were well beyond their allowance of impermeable surfaces*.
Their plan was approved anyway. After meticulous calculations by the ZBA*, a gravel road was shown on the plans.  The applicant went ahead and paved it.
Now, you might think that there would be consequences for doing something that wasn’t approved, but this is Putnam Valley.
There were words like “stormwater changes” and severely eroded” and sketch plan approved.  There is a public hearing on March 8, but didn’t people show up before the plan approval last time, and weren’t there concerns ignored?
Listen to the soccer camp expansion.  This was classic Putnam Valley.
This is a severely environmentally fragile parcel.  The wetlands inspector had a lot of comments.  There is a stream on the property.  It empties into the Peekskill Hollow Creek, which is a protected trout spawning stream.   The project impacts 38,957 sq. feet of wetlands buffer, and 8,263 sq. ft of wetlands.  The engineer got angry because the environmental fragility of the property was brought up.  He’s already provided a lot of information, including a long EAF*.  He said the project was not going to change.
They are planning to “pipe” 170 feet of the stream and divert the rest.  The wetlands inspector said he wanted to know if there was a possible alternative to this impact.  Mike Raimondi and Tom Patterson said they approved of the “piping”.  So much for expert advice.
Apparently, they weren’t supposed to mow the buffer with the original approval, but they are.
The engineer for this project is Keith Staudohar of Cronin Engineering, who does a fair amount of work in Putnam Valley, including Marsh Hill Road (Emerald Ridge) – Val Santucci’s project, Woods End Road, and the Rose Hills Cemetery.  Tom Carano has been approached about the appearance of favoritism to Keith, and has made a point of saying that there is none, that the point is preparation.  Tom has not named those who have expressed concern to him, and I want to be clear that I am not one of those people.  I have never discussed PB and TB favoritism toward Mr. Staudohar with any member of Town Government.  I do urge the public to watch this meeting, and form your own opinion.
Then there was the post office.  The new owner, Bob something of Toro Realty, also owns the two buildings behind the post office.  And he owns O’Connors, though that is 1 Oscawana, LLC. 
I do wonder about the non-conforming building at 1 Oscawana Lake Road.  It was empty long enough that it should have needed some approvals….
Anyway, he seems like a nice guy who’s trying.  He wants to re-side the p.o. with red and yellow vinyl siding…   and put an awning out front.  How does the latter jive with the 4 lanes planned on Peekskill Hollow Road?
With the two primary colors planned at 12 Peekskill Hollow Road, and the orange and blue across the street, perhaps we can side the Zarcone building at 11 Peekskill Hollow Road in purple, and the Sheriff’s station in green.  One resident has suggested, “Sing a Rainbow” as our new motto, since both the Jewel of Putnam County, and Town of Lakes have failed the popularity test.  That would give us a built in little town song.
 Red and yellow and pink and green,
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too!

We do need a place for the pink….. Suggestions?
It has long been rumored there was no C.O.* for the second floor.  It turns out that there was none….
Next Monday is the next Planning Board meeting.  Go to the backroom at 5:30 for the fun. 

Listen to your heart,
Listen to your heart,
And sing everything you feel,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too

Alternate Version:

Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue
I can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow too.

Listen with your eyes,
Listen with your ears,
and sing everything you see,
I can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
sing along with me.

Red and yellow and pink and green,
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow too!


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