Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 16, 2010

Plans to Expand Town Hall

Robert Tendy on state funds for Putnam Valley town Hall, “We’ll probably go over that, but we’ll bond out the rest.”

We’ll just bond the rest….We’ll just borrow money for Town Hall and borrow money for the firehouse, because borrowing money isn’t really spending it, especially when the taxpayers are paying the bill.

 While all around us, voters are expressing their dismay with spending and borrowing, Putnam Valley voters seem content to raise our tax burden again and again.

Senator Leibell, concerned about his next political run, is promising us $250,000 of state money.  It’s time to spend wisely.  Let’s do something sensible.  Instead of building more space to house more duplicate files, let’s hire a real records management officer (assuming there is a position opening up in the clerk’s office).  A trained professional could inventory and digitize the files for less than half the money, and the rest could be used for infrastructure repairs to Town Hall to update and enhance energy consumption. 

 Building more space because of gross inefficiency is ridiculous. 

 “This has to be the smallest supervisor’s office in the county.” – Robert Tendy

 There are only 6.  Since Mr. Tendy chose to make his office small, he should live with it, and stop complaining.

 Efficient government makes more sense in this economy than expanded incompetience..


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