Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 2, 2010

January Town Board 2010


% change in your tax rate for town general  9.5%

% change in your tax rate for highway  8.73%

% change in your tax rate averaged – general and highway  9.08%

% change in your tax rate for fire protection  5.51%

If your assessment went down, you will get some relief.

Lake Peekskill % tax rate increase 6.04% 

Executive Sessions, Cimarron Ranch

At the work session, they went into an executive session* about Cimarron Ranch.  Neither Robert Cinque nor Jacqueline Annabi recused themselves for the session.  Mr. Cinque respresented the Cabots as owners of Cimarron Ranch against the Town of Putnam Valley and in their sale of the property to Alex Kaspar, while he worked for the Sayegh law firm.  Ms. Annabi, currently works there.

There was an executive session at the regular meeting on personnel and litigation.  The law requires that the subject litigation be announced.  It wasn’t.

Incentive Zoning

Bob and Bill brought up the subject of incentive zoning …. again.  Mr. Zutt tells us that he is not pushing the idea, but raises the issue on a regular basis.  He has provided the laws of three other towns to compare.

Whenever Mr. Tendy brings up the subject, he tells us that this law would allow the Town to negotiate with a developer for parklands, open space, and cluster zoning.  However, all of that is provided for in the current code, and the Comprehensive Plan committee’s zoning code, without any giveaways to developers. 

Recreational fees are currently provided from each new house that is built.  Those fees can by waived for donations of open space.  You may remember Mr. Santucci’s 30 acres on Marsh Hill Road.  There will be no recreation fees if those houses are ever built.

Lake Peekskill

The Lake Peekskill bond anticipation note was briefly discussed, and renewed at the regular meeting.  This bond is a residue of the long discussed Lake Peekskill water system.  For those who weren’t here back thenm Lake Peekskill had a summer water system, which was in severe disrepair.  The NYS Department of Health told the town that they had to update or shut it down.  Mr. Tendy and his board buds spent $200,000 to study the problem, and eventually take down one water tower,  and close the connection to the aqueduct.  The Lake Peekskill community is still paying. 

Still on Lake Peekskill, the Board voted to approve hiring “someone” a a temporary laborer for one day.  While we are on the subject of hiring, why aren’t any of these jobs ever posted on the Town’s website?  Did you know that there is a job opening for a court clerk?  Do you know that there will be 2 positions open in the building department?  Why don’t we have any sort of legitimate and equitable hiring process, and why doesn’t the public demand it?

Summer Camp

The contract for the summer camp was discussed at both the work session and regular meeting.  The discussion at the regular meeting is worth watching.

Bob signed a two year contract with the camp for $55,000 for the summers in 2008-2009, an increase over prior years.  With significant drops in real estate values, the Town Board is poised to sign a contract for 3 years – $57,750, $60,000 something, and $63,000.  Mr. Cinque thinks it’s a good deal.

We had asked, in the past, that the camp be available for passive recreation on the weekends for adults, but that went nowhere.

The camp loses money.  I don’t quite understand why the Town is in the camp business.  Since we are so bad at it, I don’t know why we don’t get out.  The children can be accommodated at other camps in Town.  Isn’t it time to let it go?

They tabled it.  I don’t know if the rules of the Board have changed.  It used to be that a table only required a motion and a second.  That’s not the way they did it.



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