Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 16, 2009

2010 Reorganization

Town Board – Monday, January 4, 2010

 The reorganization meeting will be on Monday, January 4th.  That is the opportunity to include new volunteers and reinvigorate town organizations and boards.  One would think that there would be announcements of openings, so that their applications can be considered by the board, and they could be interviewed before that meeting.  Two board members can meet with the new Councilwoman-Elect to consider any town business without any violation of the open meetings law.

 The only listings on the website have been there for a long time, 2 openings on the committee for conservation of the environment and one for the roaring brook lake association.  Looking at the list of appointments and terms, it is hard to tell where there will be openings.  It does not appear that the Town Board is interested in new participants. 

 Chairs are newly appointed each year.  Mr. Phil Keating’s term is up this year.  Perhaps there will be an opportunity for new blood on the Parks and Recreation Commission?  Mr. Herb Orlando’s seat on the zoning board of appeals is expiring.  Will he reup?  The planning board will probably stay as it is.  (The zoning board and parks and rec commission too.)  On the PB, Annette Lindbergh’s seat is up.  If she wants to stay, and they are not being blatantly political, I assume that they will reappoint her.  I’m sure that Mr. Doebbler would still be willing to consider the ad hoc position.  He is an engineer with previous experience on the planning board.  Mr. Tendy left the PB without an ad hoc for months rather than appoint me or Mr. Doebbler.  And of course, the Town Board let him.  The young man who is there has had very little to say.  

 There was an intimation that there would be openings on Putnam Valley Arts, but that has not been repeated.  The CCE (Commission for Conservation of the Environment) has had too many members on it, so who knows if there are two openings, or if the listing on the homepage is merely vestigial.  There is an opening on the BAR, maybe two.  Henry Lopez is still listed, but in his capacity as investigator for the DA, I would think that this poses a conflict of interest.  But this is not a very popular board since the first famous ethics decision.  It’s not nearly as important now (the assessor’s office is doing a much better job) but it is mandated.

 Mr. Cicale’s term is up on the Ethics Board.  We’ll see if he is going to sign up for more.  What would be the qualifications for a member of the Ethics Board?

There is supposed to be a wastewater committee, but Sam Davis volunteered, and they haven’t appointed him, so there is only one member now.

And one member of the Youth Committee has only a po box address.  Where exactly is his house?  His BOE registration is for an address on Lake Drive where thereis no house.  What would be the requirements for that committee?  Would you have to live in Lake Peekskill?  Where would those requirements be written down?

 So if you are interested in any of the openings, you could send your resume to the Town Board members, but please don’t hold your breath.

Don’t expect too much change.  Ring in the old.


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