Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 15, 2009


On Wednesday night, November 18, the Town Board will approve the budget for 2010.  There’s no reason to go to the meeting.  The public hearing was already held, and the election resoundingly supported what is now a 9.5% tax increase. 

Ms. Annabi will get the same salary as the other Town Board members.  Mr. Cinque will keep his health insurance for his part time employment with the town, and presumably Ms. Annabi will take advantage of that benefit also.

The vendor for the assessor is not budgeted.  They are hoping for a grant, or perhaps will do without, or perhaps take it out of fund balance. The reval contract was $29,500.

The Supervisor will get $70,000 in salary plus $7280 as chief budget officer, and presumably will continue to practice law in our courts, and work part time as Supervisor.

The budget for Assessors’ special legal counsel is $8000.

For the Town, the special legal counsel budget is $35,000.  Year to date, they have spent 39,000 of a budgeted 48,893.  2008 budget was $42,037.

Central Communications – your videographer is $53,520. 

Court Officer was $8779 in 2008, is now $16,000.

The Supervisor’s employees are $46,635

Bookkeeper is $69,004.

The assessor is $56,460.80.

The Town Clerk is $62,220 + tax receiver $2400 +$735.25 for registrar.

The 2 Building employees get $94,528; that was $86,092 in 2008.

 The Building Inspector gets $66,310 + fire inspection $5,252  +  sewer pump station custodian $4050.

Highway Superintendent has gone from $84,888 in 2008 to $87,607 in 2010.

The Deputy Superintendent has gone from $60,524 in 2008 to $65,078 in 2010.

The Recreation Administrator has gone from $61,909 in 2008 to $66,719 in 2010.

Add in approximately $15,000/per employee for benefits package.

The summer day camp costs $11,000 + $105,000 + $1500 + $30,000 + $60,000, plus employee cost, and takes in  $145,421.25.

The library building costs $20,800 a year, and the contract amount is $252,725, same as last year, but in 2008 was $242,240.

The museum costs $10,800 per year, plus the fee for the museum director.

Town Day costs $16,000.

Fire protection is $821,840, up from 814,340.

The ambulance corps budget has been flat since the building was built, $234,000.



  1. Thanks for providing us with the budget info. Now that the elections are over and we’re back in lockdown, there really is no point in going to the meetings, especially since Tendy has anointed himself Emperor in Chief and now has his own personal cheerleader, aka Mrs. Annabi. Nothing will change in 2010- it will just go from bad to worse. People need to realize- there was no mandate, at least as far as my race for town board. I got nearly 1000 votes on ONE line. If I had the conservative line, I would have won. Instead, what happened was that this election was decided by 3 people who have nothing to do with Putnam Valley, who are not elected and who act in secret in the back room- Bob & Angie Cesark and their flunky Sal Santamorena. These 3 decided that they know what’s best for our town and too bad for the rest of us. By the way, Whetsel keeps talking about this oil buying coop she want so create. She’s been talking about it for over a year. So what’s the problem?
    Why can’t she figure it out? Maybe she could pick up the phone and call Cortlandt or Somers and ask one of her colleagues how it’s done. Before this winter is over. The incompetence on every level continues. And it is well rewarded. The only thing that matters is loyalty to your Don.

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