Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 5, 2009


This guy is blogging anonymously from his job with the Westchester government? 
That’s a good use of taxpayer funds.  At least in Westchester, they worry about where their money is going.
Unhappy Taxpayer (IP: ,
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  1. My comments today are about Mr. Tendy’s bullying and the horrific “roast” he did of poor Priscilla at the last December board meeting. It’s not for nothing that the Lohud bloggers refer to him as “Bully Bob” or even “BB” for short. If you want to see the true measure of his character, watch any video in which he appears. Not only is he a bully, but he possesses a monstrous ego that is completely unchecked by the other board members who are too wimpy to call him to task for his overbearing behavior. But I digress. I saw part of the Priscilla “roast” on channel 20 and I felt like I was watching a train wreck. Poor Prissy sat there like a deer caught in the headlights, eyes wide open and stunned. I could not believe my ears when I heard what Bob was saying to her. Not only that, but her boyfriend Sammy O. was sitting there in the front seat, also being insulted by BB’s remarks that included sly references to Prissy’s “boyfriend.” If Sam had been even half a man, he would have jumped up and put a stop to it to defend Priscilla’s honor. What a concept in this day and age, but it still works for me. And what about Prissy’s feminism? Where did that go? Why did she allow herself to be publicly humiliated at her last official town board meeting? As a woman and as a citizen of this town, I cringed for her. A town board meeting is not the place for a thinly disguised sociopathic humiliation that bordered on an S&M session. There was nothing funny about it. It was sick. And for anyone who is even considering voting for that bald headed freak in the next election, please watch this video before marking the ballot.

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