Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 2, 2009

Planning Board – 2/23/09 and Wordsmiths


Rose Hills Cemetery – this is an expansion of a use that does not conform to our zoning code.  There have been numerous prior variances, and the environmental review did not include this expansion.  That constitutes segmentation under state law – SEQRA – State Environmental Quality Review Act.  This is the cemetery on Mill Street and Peekskill Hollow Road.


White Rock Road – this is a subdivision off Barger Street that has been ongoing for years under three different contractors, with drainage, wetlands, and blasting problems.  The applicant failed to complete the road project within the Planning Board’s timetable, and so the project was referred to the Town Board.


There is still no Planning Board ad hoc member.


Putnam Valley Planning Board

February 23, 2009


I arrived at 5:40, and three Planning Board members were already having their illegal pre-meeting in the backroom.  It still says 6PM on the agenda.  Other members and professionals came in at various times.  They talked about Rose Hills Cemetery, with no attorney present.  They talked about a bond reduction for Michener, and the project’s engineer came in to present a reworked bond calculation.  The Town engineer mentioned White Rock Road.  The applicant is completing the work that he did not complete within the agreed upon Planning Board timetable, and the bond will be refunded to the applicant when complete.  There was a Town Board Executive Session at the end of the last Town Board meeting to discuss the status of White Rock Road.  I don’t understand why that is privileged information.  And I don’t understand why the Planning Board went through their whole timetable and default process when all that happened was that the applicant is doing the work, and taking longer anyway.  Seems like a waste of everyone’s time.


It was announced in the backroom meeting that Rose Hills Cemetery would be on the agenda first before the public hearing.  That had the effect of leaving the Planning Board without counsel.  Mr. Lusardi, the town’s attorney for this project, arrived after the Planning Board had made its decision.  They denied sketch so that the applicant will go to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  I am somewhat confused about this zoning board referral process as it is not done as proscribed in State Law, and the Town Code.  But back to the cemetery, a cemetery is a non-conforming use in our Code, so this expansion would require a use variance, and this plan is segmented from the environmental review done for other variances which the cemetery has received.


Then the PB had a public hearing on a lot line change for a single family house on Williams Drive.  I tried to ask my question about the merging issue that the county would not approve, but I had the wrong application.  It’s a different lot line change for which the DOH is waiting for the PB lot line approval.  It’s hard to hold your questions for a couple of months until the public hearing.  I remembered the question, but not the applicant.  For this applicant, everything was approved.


Rima Adorno, the application across from the Town Park, was deleted from the agenda.  They are withdrawing their plan to process firewood (that operation would be considered industrial).  This application is on the next Planning Board agenda.


On Peekskill Hollow Road – the MacDonald application, the Planning Board approved sketch despite outdated wetlands flagging, and no wetlands inspector present.


For Raimondo, the Board requested that the outstanding comments be addressed.


For Michener on Woods End Road, there was a public hearing set for bond reduction. This seems to be merely a correction.


The Planning Board is still ad-hoc less.  Mr. Tendy would still prefer no one to me.



Wordsmiths February 24, 2009

I’m sorry Putnam Valley.  I didn’t go.  I seem to have lost my motivation to attend these meetings, even though it is the only level of transparency in this process.  I don’t respect this process at all, and it is merely political posturing.  Whatever Mr. Tendy’s political intent, he’ll do it whether or not I’m there.  Friends have congratulated me on the decision.







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