Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 16, 2017

Minor Details

Looking at the agenda – You are supposed to be a resident of the town to be on the Conservation Commission.  Just the law, nothing important.

Has anyone seen the Bruce Barber update on the zoning code mess?  I haven’t had time to watch.  Heavy landscaping equipment everywhere.

Is Deputy Highway superintendent management or union?  Among foreman, Lake Peekskill pinch hitter, deputy supe, and snow overtime, how many hours per week is that?

Back to that peculiar facebook discussion:

“Dawn Powell – But that is not what the law says.

Sam Oliverio
Sam OliverioYes it is. We had to put the “within 60 months of adoption” to specify that anyone who has pumped their system within 60 months of the adoption is not impacted by the law. Those that have not, are impacted.”
It seems that SamO is saying that if you have pumped out in the past 5 years, you are not subject to this law.  SO bizarre.
Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 7, 2017

Lake Peekskill Pump Out Law link for the law

The section delineating the requirement (bold added):

Section 90-15

Pump-out requirements.


The owner of each lot within the District which lot contains a private system(s) shall cause the system(s) to be pumped, cleaned and inspected by a licensed septic contractor (in a manner sufficient to enable the inspector to furnish the information required in this article within the time periods as set forth hereunder and at least every five years):

The obligations for initial system pumping and cleaning shall be:

Within 60 months of the adoption of this article;

Failure to identify all lots to which this article shall apply shall suspend the application of this article until such time as the owners of said lots shall have received written notice of this article’s adoption.
Seems clear enough?  Apparently not.  When a law says that an owner shall cause the system to be pumped, etc., that clearly seems to say shall cause, not shall have caused.  In some alternate universe, Mr. O seems to believe that because 1a. says within 60 months, that somehow changes the meaning of shall cause to mean shall have caused.  Now while I do understand that within 60 months, on its own, gives one a 10 year window for a septic pump out if you have your receipt for a pump out 5 years ago.  Why Mr. O would find that desirable, I cannot begin to fathom, but when the “shall cause” clearly stated is considered with the rest of the law, this is clearly a law that looks to the future, and to septic pump outs in the future.
Not only is Mr. O unable to comprehend this point, but he is adamant on starting to punish people who he believes have not pumped out their systems in the last 5 years, even though there was no law on the books that you had to have your septic pumped.
“Unfortunately, 3 homes in PV have shut down because their septic tanks failed and could not be remediated (they were leaching waste into the roadway).”  Mr. O’s comment.  Clearly he has no interest in assisting homeowners to find ways to use modern septic enhancements to allow them to keep their homes.  Just kick ’em out. Mean Man O.
So now that the Town Board has passed a law to require pump outs within the next 5 years, Mr. O has decided that he will come after you if he does not have a record of you pumping it in the last 5 years, or you do not.  He is convinced that the town has all records of pump outs in Lake Peekskill for the last 5 years.  When I questioned that, he said that it is required by the county health department, and I should call them.  So I did.  I talked to Mike Budzinski, who has been the head of Environmental Health for quite awhile now, and who I have always found to be knowledgeable and helpful.  He told me that the septic companies are required to report to the county, forwarded to the towns for Lake Oscawana, and New York City watershed, not the entire county.
So I called the person Mr. O told me to call for verification, got a different answer, and now Mr. O disagrees.
My money is on Mike.
Mr. O believes that the town has all the records from all the septic pump outs.  I think that since it wasn’t a requirement, he doesn’t.  I also think that people should not be held to something that was not in the law for the last 5 years, and is clearly not in the law now.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 16, 2016

Sam Oliverio, on facebook.  “I have to respectfully disagree with your above statement, Christine. I have made it a point to listen to all members of the community, not just the LPCA. That is why I had a letter sent to every homeowner in Lake Peekskill concerning the pump-out law. Likewise, the main reason I ran for office was that so many things were on hold that needed to be done that just weren’t being done (Zombie homes, completing the retention pond which was abandoned for 15 years, renovation of the Community Center, overseeing the beaches through-out the summer, securing the pump-house and so much more). All of those things were for the TOTAL community, and not directed by the LPCA. I have been a community member for 61 years and have always loved Lake Peekskill. I am the only seated Supervisor to make it a point to attend every District and Association meeting whenever and whereever they are held (Roaring Brook Lake, Lake Oscawana and Lake Peekskill). I love our Lake communities and really feel they deserve special attention. I feel sad you think I’m a puppet of any group or would usurp the work our citizens have done. The truth is, Lake Peekskill was long ignored by many prior administrations. It will not be ignored as long as I’m in office.”

I found this comment to be very odd.  Lake Peekskill hasn’t been ignored, so much as it has been used.  That doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.  I would prefer LPCA meetings without the Supervisor or liaison, and more district meetings, with the Supervisor and liaison, and perhaps some of them scheduled other than Saturday AM.

The reason why I would like association meetings without the Supe or liaison is so that the organization can be an effective advocate for the community.  I have been through Peter Kennedy, Steve Johnson, Gene Yetter, Bobo-O, Jackie and Sam attending meetings.  The effect is merely that they advocate for whatever hair-brained scheme they have come up with of late, and don’t listen, and so no one from the community is ever heard.  And like everyone else, the “things” were not for the total community, they were for a special interest group, or political payback, or the next campaign, or to feed one’s own ego.

SamO’s is an odd list of “things,” but they have been odd lists for as long as I have been around.

A survey was sent to every home, with a poorly worded question, only for the purpose of passing a bad law, so that you can put it on your campaign literature.  Stop attending every association meeting, and start listening.   That would be a refreshing change.

If our lake communities deserve special attention, then what about the rest of those folks out there….


Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 7, 2016

Budget Hearings

The final budget hearings are Wednesday night.  There are still areas where the Town Board can do some trimming, but they probably will not.  You should tell them where you want them to cut anyway.  Maybe the next board will listen.  There is a public hearing about overriding the tax cap.  If the proposition doesn’t pass, they are planning to override the cap.  It appears that the library is about 2.8% of the budget.  So our increase will be higher than the projected 2% if the proposition passes.

The Board is planning to pass the budget the same night, so they are not planning to pay a lot of attention to the public, but one can always hope.  It is time to elect a Board that will seriously trim the fat.

What does the town have to say about a liquor license at O’Connor’s?  I guess we will find out.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 2, 2016

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Did they already hold the public hearing on overriding the tax cap?

They are already waiving the fees on the parks are rec building?

Isn’t a special session supposed to be a specific thing, and not just SamO’s extra meeting?

Special Town Board Work Session & Public Hearing

Description: Town of Putnam Valley
Special Meeting
November 2nd, 2016

Public Hearing
2017 Fire Department Budget

Immediately Following the Fire Department Budget Hearing
Public Hearing
2017 Tentative Town Budget


1. Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Set Public Hearing for Final 2017 Town Budget.
3. Waive Permit Fees for Town Recreation Center.
4. Override of NY Tax Cap of .68%


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE; on November 2nd at 6:00 PM the Putnam Valley Town Board will hold a Public Hearing to hear public comments on the 2016 Preliminary Fire Department Budget.

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING; on November 2nd the Putnam Valley Town Board will hold a Public Hearing to hear public comments on the 2016 Preliminary Town/Highway and District Budget.

Pursuant to Section 108 of the Town Law, the proposed salaries of the Town Officers are hereby specified as follows:

Supervisor $ 70,366.20
Councilpersons, four@ $ 13,130.00 each
Town Clerk $ 61,578.96
Highway Superintendent $ 88,584.01

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the Putnam Valley Town Board will be holding the regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 23, 2016


Anyone who disagrees with this odd proposition hates the library.  We all want it to close.  Great way to have a civil discussion.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 21, 2016


The proposal on the ballot just says more money.  What I find really odd is that if we vote yes, a private non-profit will have a guaranteed amount of tax dollars with no public accountability.  I don’t even understand that concept. This is not a public entity.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 20, 2016

$2.9 million

for this rec center.

Well, at least Sam can’t pretend that there is no tax impact as it will be a new bond for more than double what they spent on the last bond. Sam says he ran on this, but I thought Whistling Willie had already outed him on changing his “beliefs” after the election.

Read Patty’s comments on the last 2 posts.

She didn’t say if there was a price yet for a new firehouse.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 18, 2016

Public Comment

Tomorrow night, Mr. O will be restricting public comment to 3 minutes.  He has been clear that he does not want to hear too much from the public.  If you are going to the meeting and don’t care to speak, consider giving your public comment time to someone who may want it.  Either read part of their comments, or cede your time to them.

I don’t think that the library resolution that is on the ballot can be explained in 3 minutes.  I do think that the public should know what they are voting for.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 16, 2016

Your Tax Dollars

On Wednesday night, the town board will be talking about the parks and rec center.  The artchitect will be presenting the plan.  You have already  paid for the plan, a lot of money, and you have already paid for the engineer, even more money.

I will be watching the debate, but you might want to see what you will be paying for, for years to come.

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