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RFPs – Office of the Comptroller

edited 3/22/18am –

Pointed out by Jackie Annabi at the 3/14 meeting, there is no performance guarantee in the Clean-Flo proposal for Lake Peekskill.  There was one in the Lake Savers proposal.  With everything going on, I have not FOIL’ed the RFP and proposals, but someone should.  The contract has  been authorized, and SamO will do what he will do regardless of anything, but we should know what has been done here.

pm – the bids are on the town website on agenda documents for that meeting for the time being.  I didn’t see a lease bid.  Also missing from the proposal that SamO was hawking is the housing for the electrical structures.   ??????? Remember the discussion about sound proofing?


original post –

I was taken aback by the Town Supervisor’s lack of transparency in the request for proposals (RFPs) for the Lake Peekskill district aeration project. I asked some questions, sent to the local government division of the NYS Comptroller’s office.

My questions:

I would like to know if RFPs have to be kept secret until they are awarded, as stated by the Supervisor. Also, is it proper to announce the awarding of an RFP on Facebook? And, can it be awarded by the Supervisor, without a Town Board meeting? The awarding of the bid was not on the published agenda for the board meeting.


Response from the Comptroller’s Office:

With regards to Procurement, local governments are required to advertise for competitive bids when procurements exceed certain dollar thresholds. Many municipalities advertise a Request for Proposals in their newspaper of record as well as by other means. Some RFPs are advertised for “sealed bids” which mean that the bids are submitted and not opened until after the bid deadline has passed, or on a date that the municipality determines they should be opened. Additionally, if a sealed bid RFP is utilized, the bids should not be disclosed until after the bid due date has passed.

The municipality should follow its procedure when awarding bids, including acceptance and notification of the public. However, when awarding competitive bids, contracts are generally awarded to the “lowest responsible bidder”, unless there is a documented and quantifiable reason to award to another bidder.

Here is a link to our Local Government Management Guide: Seeking Competition in Procurement.


Seeking Competition – Office of the New York State Comptroller
LOCAL GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT GUIDE Division of Local Government and School Accountability Office of the New York State Comptroller Seeking Competition in Procurement


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our regional office at (845)567-0858.

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LaBerge is going to talk to the Town Board about a Master Plan for Oregon Corners, but the public will not be able to ask questions or comment.

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Meeting 2/21/18

The agenda documents posted for 2/21 are the same as the agenda documents posted for 2/14.  What are the odds that they are going to repeat the same meeting again?

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Silent Spring

$8500 for the Town Park chemical cocktail –

Barricide (prodamine) herbicide with fertilizer

Allectus (imidacloprid (meril) bifenthrin) – insecticide

Lebanon Pro (bifentrhin)

Gianabar – fertilizer

Winter fertilizer

Speedzone for broadleaf weeds

Crabgrass spray

Nutsedge spray






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Huh?? – Garage at Oregon Corners

Also known as George’s.

As of 3/12 planning board meeting, it appears that the approval is for vehicle sales and rentals.  No repairs, no steam cleaning.  Only 10 cars there at a time. No cars outside after business hours.


As of 2/12, it appears that this will not a repair and service station.  It will be car sales and storage, a showroom as originally billed.

NOTICE 2/2018


Please be advised that the next meeting of the Planning Board will be held at Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road on Monday February 12, 2018 for the purpose of considering the following applications:

Regular Meeting Start Time: 6:00pm




1. Brazee’sAuto Repair and Service-2 Peekskill Hollow Road
(TM#91.8-1-27/File 2017-0176)

The subject property is comprised of +/-0.23 acres and is located on
Peekskill Hollow Road within the CC-1 Zoning District. The applicant
is proposing to renovate an existing commercial building and rehabilitate
the asphalt paving and concrete drainage swale.

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Wednesday Town Board meeting

The Laberge discussion about Oregon Corners planning.  An odd choice to be sure, but a conversation is a good thing. It could be illuminating to hear what they have to say.  Some other steps might help – perhaps a community discussion first, some communication from the county (We have not had a public meeting with them since Harold Gary came to town.), a clear idea of what can and cannot be done with the parking.

It is always good to talk about it.


Work Session
January 10, 2018
6 PM



To amend local law to extend the application deadline for the Senior Citizens’ exemption –
RPTL section 467, subdivisions 8 and 8A.



1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Discussion regarding Cold War Veterans Exemption

3. Resolution and proposed Consent Order and Judgment for review and approval by the
Supervisor and Town Board re: Kissinger and Kaplan v. Town of Putnam Valley, et al.

4. Resolution and proposed Consent Order and Judgment for review and approval by the
Supervisor and Town Board re: Beals v. Town of Putnam Valley, et al.

5. Authorize Supervisor to Sign Agreement with PERMA (Public Employer Risk Management Association).
6. Discussion re: the board members’ interest in having the Laberge Group make a presentation to the board during a work session.






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Reorganization Meeting 2018

Wow! No agenda, no document for the 2018 reorganization meeting.

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Zoning Map

zoning map

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Town Board – 12/20/17

The Town Board is moving forward with the rezoning at Crofts Corners (the corner south of Town Hall), from 3 acre residential to neighborhood commercial.

DA Robert Tendy is speaking, perhaps about the opioid crisis?

Is that office up for re-election this year?

Have a wonderful solstice.


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