Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 17, 2018

Wednesday TB meeting 6/20/18

They are going to pay the grange $80/month to allow the ethics board to meet there.  I am wondering how much the church and the Democratic committee pay to meet there.

They are going to start the bond process to buy the Catholic Charities land where they hold summer camp.  Has anyone mentioned a price?  Will they allow the rest of us to go there?

Whatever law this announces, they are going to pass it.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the Putnam Valley Town Board will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm. to hear comments on proposed Zoning Code amendments of Chapter 165 of the Putnam Valley Town Code; to amend sections:
165-23 – to modify the District Maps;
165-26 – to reference map dates; and
165-92 – to include subdivisions.
IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the Putnam Valley Town Board will be conducting the regular monthly Town Board Meeting.
Sherry Howard
Town Clerk
Dated: 04-30-2018

Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 10, 2018

Wednesday 6-13-18 Town Board

Town Board Work Session
Work Session
June 13, 2018
6 PM



1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Discussion of request by Frank and Jan Iuzzolino to grant penalty waivers or apply penalties regarding projects completed without building permits.
3. Request for change in hourly wage for part-time laborers in Highway Department. Rate to be raised from $11.44 to $14.00 per hour.
4. Appoint Beach Monitors for Lake Peekskill District.
5. Waiver of building permit fees and wetland permit waiver fees re: installation of storage shed at Northview Estates beach.
6. The Board of Ethics requests board approval of an agreement with the Putnam Valley Grange to pay $75-100 rent per month for the use of their second floor meeting space.
7. Approve that application of Hudson Highland Land Trust for a grant under the Environmental Protection Fund for a park project to be located within the town of Putnam Valley.
8. Authorize Supervisor to sign lease contract with the NYC Archdiocese concerning the use of the YMCA camp as a summer camp.
9. Parks and Recreation Refunds.
10. Sunset Series Personnel
11. Personnel Changes, Parks and Recreation
12. Additional PV Day Camp Staff 2018.
13. Seasonal Laborers, Highway Department.
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
6:00pm EDT

Thursday, June 7, 2018 8:24pm GMT

Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 9, 2018

Town Hall Cell Tower – Permissive Referendum

Despite a lot of hysteria, this petition is for a vote.  Democracy.

Patty Villanova’s comment – I understand there is a petition circulating around town to try and vote on the cell tower that the town board approved for the Highway Dept. back yard. I have no idea how many people are circulating this petition or how many signatures they have gotten. Looks like the deadline is June 22nd to submit to Sherry/ town clerk. I see mixed comments all over FB on this issue. Many people want it to improve cell phone service.
Seems like people who don’t want it have health & esthetic concerns. We shall see.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 22, 2018

Public Hearing on Zoning

The public hearing from last Wednesday was rescheduled to tomorrow night.  I thought there used to be a time when proposed laws were posted before the public hearings.  Was that just a dream I had?

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 12, 2018

Planning and Zoning

With all the politicization of the Planning Board and growing lack of independence, wouldn’t it have been useful to post the opening asking for volunteers?  The Town Board will be appointing someone on Wednesday.

They will also have a public hearing for zoning changes.  I am still hearing comments about the last catastrophic zoning changes not being passed legally, so I am wondering how they are proceeding.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 27, 2018

Oregon Corners

post from Patty Villanova –

I urge everyone who is concerned about what our town board is doing these days, to watch the March 28 meeting regarding the upgrades to Peekskill Hollow Rd. and Oregon Corners.
Putnam County is going to destroy Oregon Corners and any of the businesses that are down there by construction of a 4 lane highway on the bridges and that section of PHR. The new building at the former site of Super George’s is basically losing all its parking due to the new roadway.
NO ONE on the Board is standing up for us against the County! Sam O and some others are pretending that they are against the project but it turns out, that is not true. WATCH THE VIDEO.
We need to stop this project. If the County has money they want to spend on Put Valley, maybe they could use it for something we really need like water/ septic or other things for Lake Peekskill.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 24, 2018

Sounds pretty noisy to me.  All the angst was completely avoidable.  Really sad to destroy all the positive energy this project was generating.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 20, 2018


I am always confused when the electorate opposes public discussion or public votes or opposition on ballots.  Democracy is inconvenient and a bit cumbersome, but it is the best system we have so far.

Some officials oppose public discussion, preferring to deliver autocratic edicts on facebook.  Others just hide from the public.  They should get out of public office.  We should get them out of public office.

We are long overdue for a public Lake Peekskill district meeting.  SamO has been far more lax about than any of his predecessors for the last 20 years.  There is a major project and major tax expense for the district, and a meeting is not moot.

There was a general understanding about the project, and it was changed without notice, without the courtesy to meet with the community.

Accusing people who want a public process, of obstruction, or not liking a certain individual, or of being selfish, is merely bullying.  It is our community, and everyone has the right to say what they want for whatever reasons they have.  The fact is that the lack of public process, and the “my way or the highway’ approach have created a problem that would not have occurred with public information.

Lake Peekskill needs a district meeting.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 14, 2018

$30 charge for Lake Peekskill rfp and proposals?

NYS Committee on Open Government – FOIL requests

FOIL – Freedom of Information Law

How much can I be charged for public records?
It depends. If you request paper copies, an agency may charge up to twenty-five cents per photocopy up to 9”x14”. If the paper copies requested are larger than 9’x14’, the agency can charge the actual cost of making the copies. See FOIL §87(1)(b)(iii).

If you request records to be transmitted electronically, and the agency maintains the records electronically, there may be no basis for charging a fee. See FOIL §87(1)(b) and (c).
If you request a large volume of electronic records, the agency can charge the actual cost of reproducing the records. When it takes an agency more than 2 hours to prepare, extract or generate electronic data, the agency could charge for the employee’s time. See FOIL §87(1)(b) and (c).
If you request that paper records be scanned and forwarded to you electronically, please see the following advisory opinions: 18568, 18620.





Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 6, 2018

Compressor Placement in LP

The bid selected for the aeration project on Lake Peekskill specifies Carreras Beach for the compressor, but that is not the intention.  Is it of importance where the compressor will be?  Is it of any importance that the bid said it?

Lots of boats, and activity around them, at Carreras.

The plan now is North Beach.  Does it matter that the car goes in and out on the basketball court, and that the beach is never closed?


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