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March Town Board

While you were busy shoveling snow, the Town Board’s agenda included going out to bid for their rec center.  Even if we get rid of them, their debt will remain for years to come.




Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 5, 2017

Agenda documents are back!

Solar photovoltaics are back!

And Sherry is trying to initiate paying taxes by check online!

Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 28, 2017

Zoning – Chapter 165

Preservation District
Conservation District
Low Density Residence District
Moderate Density Residence District
Medium Density Residence District
Lake Peekskill Residence District
Neighborhood Commercial District
Community Commercial District — One
Community Commercial District — Two
Planned Commercial Park District

CC-1   explained, from Town Code    “Purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of the Community Commercial-One District (CC-1) is to provide for a variety of highly regulated and intense commercial activities within the Oregon Corners portion of the Central Business District (CBD). The CC-1 District is designed to accommodate most of the retail and service needs of the residents in the town. The CC-1 District is intended to establish the commercial character of the Town through its well-balanced mixture of land uses, architecture, street environment and pedestrian orientation.”


CC- 2 explained from Town Code.  “Purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of the CC-2 District is to provide for a variety of commercial activities that are of moderate intensity in scale and traffic generation, of a character similar to but more restricted than the CC-1 District. The uses within this district are to serve the convenience and needs of the greater Putnam Valley community and must be compatible with the residential character and environment of the adjacent neighborhood. These uses generally result in limited traffic generation. The Lake Peekskill portion of the Central Business District (CBD), the Adams Corners Business District and the east side of Bryant Pond Road/Taconic State Parkway intersection (Smith’s Corners) shall be included in the CC-2 Commercial District.”

from the Maple Leaf resolution:

“Negative Declaration of (environmental) Significance”

“Whereas, ‘landscape contracting’ is a specially permitted use under the Zoning Board of Appeals’ Tompkins Landscaping Corp. (‘Tompkins’) Decision and Order, dated December 12, 2005; and

Whereas, the above mentioned Decision and Order declared ‘landscape contracting’ to be a specially permitted use within the CC1 and CC2 Zoning Districts, pursuant to its authority under former Town Code Section 165-10 (D) (since repealed);”

note: this section of the code was repealed before this approval and the mention of the repeal is in the resolution.  State law established the Zoning Board as a decision making board, and grants them the right to interpret existing code, not to legislate new uses in the code.


Why, if the ground and surface water protection act was passed in 2003, was there a fueling pad allowed in the Tompkins approval in 2005?

And why is the environmental assessment form for SamO’s changes to the code blank as to the environmental review?

So glad they are protecting the walls an stone chambers.  I hope there will be some left by them.

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Fire Department Land – Google Maps



Are DEC violations FOIL’able?



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Wed Town Board

Town of Putnam Valley

Special Meeting
March 1, 2017

6 PM

1. Update on Recreation Center.

2. Discussion about committee appointments.

3. Discussion about water tower on Oscawana Lake Raod

4. Discussion about “zombie” houses.

5. Discussion about Putnam Valley Town Day, September 23, 2017.

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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Looking over the zoning change

It looks to me as if there should be the Comprehensive Plan’s recommended Master Plan for business in Putnam Valley.

At the least, Lake Peekskill and the Oregon Corners districts should have meetings themselves to determine what they want for their business districts.  All stakeholders should have been included in this process, not allowed to speak as an afterthought.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 21, 2017

Under agenda documents

on the town website.  This is the proposed zoning code.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 20, 2017

Granite Mountain

Hudson Highlands Land Trust

Putnam Valley is in the Hudson Highlands.  The HHLT is going to manage a preserve on Granite Mountain, Church St and Peekskill Hollow Road.  They did a wonderful presentation for the community yesterday.  They showed the boundaries.  They will be working on parking areas for hikers, access for the homes adjacent, land surveys – species and population, hiking trails, and educational programs.

Their website gives good info about land trusting and their programs.

There will be volunteer opportunities for trail making, invasive species removal, and coming in April, 2 days to count deer droppings! – April 23 and April 30.

They are considering wildlife cams.

Some in the community want to continue hunting on the land.  Others feel that the passive recreation uses are not compatible with hunting.

This is a bird rich area.

This is another wonderful resource for our community.  I am grateful.






Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 18, 2017

Already this morning

I have been approached about the Sam Garbage Plan, the War on LP zoning code, and the Spend Other People’s Money rec center.  How about if the Town Board members do their job, and start listening to the community?  Schedule a Town Hall meeting – you will probably need more than one – and have someone else run it.  Answer questions, but otherwise shut up and listen.  Let’s not have the misleading library issue become the norm for communication in the town.  Talk to people first.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 15, 2017

Shutting down public engagement

shutting down public engagement.png

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