Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 22, 2017

I still can’t believe it.

at 1:02:04

If Mr. Florence knows what a public hearing is, why didn’t he tell them to hold one? Clearly he was told to “berate” Patty, though he does it with more gentility than Jackie.  “Berated” is the word that set Jackie off. “You are so disrespectful.” I think that award goes to Jackie.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 19, 2017

Partial Info from Dan Vera via Patty V.


The Parks & Rec office will move into the new Rec Center.

Operating hours are Mon-Fri 7 am to 4 pm, Sat & Sun for scheduled events only.

No additional staff except when needed for rental of facility

Existing staff to do maintenance, including cleaning bathrooms, showers and grounds.

Do not have utility estimates.

All programs will charge a fee, resident and non-resident.

There be open gym times scheduled during normal hours 7-4 M-F Any open gym times that do not coincide with scheduled activities can be compensated by a very nominal fee.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 19, 2017

Watch it.

Don’t listen to the cheerleaders and delusional.  Town Board meeting on the town website at about 1:06:24.

See for yourself.  Decide for yourself.  Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

And it is a bond resolution.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 18, 2017

Bond Resolution

Anonymous comment – “The Parliamentarian allowed some sloppy procedural crap at the April 5 meeting.  No one ever read the resolution that they voted on and in fact, SamO said ‘I want to move, uh, the bond resolution, authorize the supervisor to sign the contract with the bonding company so they can go forward to fund the most need and desired project.”

Steve McKay seconded.  Roll call vote.  Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye.

The actual bond resolution dated April 5th, 2017 reads, “A resolution authorizing the issuance of $3.800,000 bonds of the town of Putnam Valley, Putnam County, New York, to pay the cost of construction of a town-owned building to be used as a recreation center in and for said town.”

I personally saw the resolution posted in Town Hall, as required by law.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 18, 2017

SamO – not counting the planning and zoning board public hearings (they are distinct decision making boards), were there ever any town board public hearings on the rec center or the $3.8 bond?


Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 16, 2017

Wednesday meeting

Okay, so the law says that parks and rec must hold regular public hearings to get feedback from the community on park projects.  Building projects in the park must hold public hearings.  The Supe and Town Board saw no reason to do that and decided to spend $3.8 million of taxpayer money.  So the people signed petitions that, by law, give them the right to vote on their $3.8 million. SamO and his followers decided to hold a public hearing on the public’s hard won right to vote.  You are not allowed to speak at the work sessions – Steve McKay threatens to call 911 – and public comment is only allowed after the votes on the agenda items.  Clearly, these are people who do not care to hear what you have to say.  There is a resolution to allow public comment at the beginning of the regular Town Board meetings.  Jackie is agin it.  She has heard enough from the public. We’ll see.

And they will pass the awful zoning code.  Take a look at the environmental assessment form on the town website.

They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

For water geeks, the MS4 report is in current agenda documents.

Section of the Wed. TB agenda:

8. Set a public hearing for June 7th at 6 PM. This public hearing will be on the Recreation Center Bonding Action and the subsequent referendum to be held on the Recreation Center.
9. Appoint Laura Monaghan to a full-time Clerk’s position at Step 1, having placed as the highest scorer on the Civil Service test list for Putnam Valley.
10. Amend Resolution R 16-203 and R-17-163 and add new standard workday resolution.
11. Authorize the Supervisor to move forward with the remediation of the contaminated property at 75 Cimarron Road.
12. Resolution regarding appropriate materials to be broadcast on the town’s government channels.
13. Resolution regarding public comments at Town Board meetings.
14. Resolution authorizing the Supervisor to advertise the sale of Lot # 91.8-1-22 located adjacent to 28 Peekskill Hollow Road. Bids due by June 9th.
15. Resolution to adopt the 2017 Building and Zoning Code changes as presented at the Public Hearing of April 12th, 2017.
Building Department                             

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 13, 2017

Zoning – EAF

So why does the environmental assessment form say that no zoning change is requested?  Is it all zoning change?

And really, no impact on groundwater??

No loss of flora and fauna?

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The Town Board never held a public hearing for their recreation center project or their $3.8 million bond.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 11, 2017

I do not understand.

What is it about this “shall” thing that the Board doesn’t understand?

the law – “If a  petition be so filed at any other time, a proposition for  the  approval
of  such act or resolution shall be submitted at a special town election
to be held not less than sixty nor more than seventy-five days after the
filing of such petition.”

Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 10, 2017

the rec center

“The proposed recreation center would have four rooms for arts and crafts and a basketball court that would also be used for indoor field hockey and lacrosse and the center could be utilized by residents of various ages, Oliverio said.” in the Examiner.

I have no doubt that the 4 small classrooms can be found elsewhere, but I have been wondering about all the basketball players.  $3.8 million worth of them?  When we first heard about this, it was an adult center, and I wondered what adults had time to go to it.  I also heard that it was for the sports camp, which have evidently found another locale.  This was never sold as a youth center, a place for kids to hang, except when the resistance was acknowledge, and now it is the solution to the opioid crisis.  It was always mentioned as a place for organized sports, mostly adult, and pay to play.

Last June it was $1.25 million.  Last month it was $3.8 million?

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