Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 16, 2017

Red Barn again

Monday at the Planning Board

Looks like a new sketch plan, rather than the amendment to the special use permit.  Would that mean that the special use permit would no longer be valid?

There does not seem to be any support for enforcement of the Peekskill Hollow Road preservation law.


F. C. Putnam Sports- 7 Bryant Pond Road
(TM# 63.-3-2/File 2016-0161)

The subject property is comprised of +/- 13.5 acres and is located on
7 Bryant Pond Road within the R-3 Zoning District. The applicant is
proposing to construct a two story training facility with office, locker
rooms, storage, pro shop and bathrooms.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 27, 2017

Election petitions

Interesting petition season this year.  Not like the forgeries in 2013, but challenges, court cases.  Primary, no primary, primary, no primary.

There are 2 spaces at the bottom of the petition pages for the witness to fill in their town and county.  Are they important?  If they are not filled in, the only response to that defect would be to throw out the petition pages.  That is what the Election Commissioners did.  I am most interested in everyone playing by the same rules.  If the spaces are there, shouldn’t they be filled in?  If any sheets in the state are thrown out because of that, they all should be.  The judges and the legislators should agree on it.

The timeline for challenges and lawsuits is very quick.  Does that timeline include service?  All papers have to be served upon all involved parties.  Shouldn’t it include that?  The timeline is necessary because the names have to be on the ballot, so all challenges should be finished before the printing of the primary ballot, including absentee ballots.

If the timeline couldn’t be adhered to because a judge didn’t sign the order to show cause, then should the complaint be thrown out?  I wouldn’t think so.  The judge’s signature is not within the complainant’s control.

In Peekskill, there will be a primary of Republicans trying to knock the Democrats off the Democratic line.  That’s weird.

Even weirder that the Putnam GOP endorsed and petitioned for Don Smith.  His poor behavior cost the taxpayers a lot of money.

Lots of drama.




Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 21, 2017

Fire Department/DEC FOIL

Awhile back, there was a rumor that there were DEC violations at the fire department’s building site.  Whistling Willie asked how we would know about the alleged fill, and any contamination.  All these months later, I don’t know.  There are some DEC districts which post violations.  Ours is not among them.  I submitted a FOIL request.  When I did not get a response by the time the DEC said, I submitted an appeal of denial.  Today, I got a denial.  They are withholding the information.

While I understand that the law allows that,  I am not convinced that the denial aids public trust.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 11, 2017

Rec Center keeps going and going

At the bottom of the Planning Board agenda for August 14, it says:



7. Goncalves, Armando-Oscawana Lake Road
(TM: 62.11-2-4.1/File: 2009-0051)


8. Town of PutnamValleyRecreation Building-156 Oscawana Lake Rd.
(TM#83.12-2-9/File 2016-0157)


keeping the dream alive of running government without the interference of those pesky townsfolk.

And for the Town Board meeting, they are hiring Porco, Daniels and Lusardi (a Putnam law firm) for an issue with the Rabbinical Society.  Mr. Lusardi sits on the zoning board…..


Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 22, 2017

Park Visions

Things people have asked for, even though none of them is listening.

Less pesticide, even better none.  Alternative mosquito control.

A place without fencing where parents and kids can throw a ball around.

A place without fencing where people can just sit.  Trees, low maintenance, just relax.

A splash pad.


Community garden.

Pollinator garden.

Meditation area.


Temporary ice skating rink.

Oh right – a swimming pool.

County runs senior events.  Take that out of the town budget.  Eliminate the senior club.  Just let people take the trips.

If there is need for more senior programming, let the County take care of that instead of the town.

If there is still extra space, let Parks and Rec use it for their office, instead of the state Senator.  Move Sue Serino to Oregon Corners.

Allow evening use of the senior center for other activities.  Ditto the school.

Let the schools run the after school program.

There are lots of spaces around town.  Negotiate fair rentals for those if you need space.





Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 20, 2017

Before we had “our American vote,”  I had a conversation with someone I have known for years.  She was passionate in her support of the recreation center because she believes it would save lives, that it would impact the opioid crisis.  I do not see any reason at all to believe that.  We did not agree.  We did not change each other’s opinions.  We did respect each other.  We did not bully each other or demean each other.  We just disagreed.

I don’t understand why that is so difficult.  I don’t understand why we can’t talk about this, and listen to each other.

I was horrified that the Town Supervisor would not hear anyone who disagreed with him, that he attributed the opposition to one individual who he characterized in a derogatory manner, again and again.

I am appalled that the Town Board refused to follow their own code, and hold this vote without the need for a petition process.  Why don’t they believe that their rules apply to them?  Why don’t they believe that they work for the community?

There was an article in PCNR about the vote.  Mr. Oliverio just doesn’t get it.

Sam O-

“The petitioners were smart since they controlled the vote because under state law the town did not need to hold a referendum. However, the minute a petition was filed, it had to be honored. The ‘naysayers’ were victorious.”’

The petitioners had no control of the timing.  Mr. O and his cohorts could have held this vote anytime they wanted.  Once it had to go to permissive referendum, The date of the bond resolution controlled the timing.  That resolution was approved by the Town Board.

The oddly timed public hearing could be the beginning of a positive process for the town.  It doesn’t seem that the pols have any interest in that.



Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 13, 2017

Bond Vote

SamO post – “The final tally with all absentee votes counted was 744 for the Rec Center and 840 against. A 96 vote plurality against.”

Nice turnout for a special election in July.  Democracy – I am happy for that.  I hope for a better dialogue in the future.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 1, 2017

Betraying the Public Trust

It is time for a new Town Board liaison to Lake Peekskill.
SamO has been involved with a social club in LP for quite some time. It was dubbed the inner circle awhile ago, by the outsiders. He has allowed that alliance to damage the community. There has been only one district meeting this year, and SamO gets his advice from some unnamed sources that have nothing to do with open district or even LPCA discussions. His political activities seem to be intimately tied to this social club, and there doesn’t appear to be any boundary between the district’s well-being and his political career. He has become actively involved in attempts to destroy the local civic association.

At the last Town Board meeting, after voting to demolish a sick man’s home, with tearful protestations that they don’t want to, Supe O did something quite unusual. He did not amend the agenda. He just presented a “petition” to the rest of the board. This “petition” had not been delivered to the Town Clerk. It had no scrutiny. It was not validated in any way. It contained a vague accusation of “anomalies.” There is no time date stamp or any indication of receipt. The accusation is not on all pages with “signers”. Signatures are mostly printed, and individuals wrote more than one name. There are no witnesses. The “petition” does not arise from any entity. Not all are Lake Peekskill residents. And it is addressed to the Town board.

Now if the irregularity of this 4 page thing were not enough for SamO to have the sense to step away, the fact that the Town Board has no authority over local non-profit organizations, should have been. Knowing that this was not their business, Mr. O chose to malign people for no reason that anyone understands. Actionable for sure, but sadly damaging to people. I have seen Mr. O’s meanness before, so in that way, it is no surprise. Very poor form.

The implication is that if someone writes an allegation on a piece of paper, and writes some names on it, SamO will make that public.  That is extraordinarily irresponsible for a public official.

The Supervisor owes the community and the organization a public apology, and a written apology. He should appoint a new liaison for the district.

Mr. O should have the common decency to stop attending the civic association meetings.

Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 30, 2017

$3.8 million Vote NO

June 8, 2016  –  Frank DiMarco said that the architect fee of $98k would be 8% of the total cost of their project  –  $1.225 million.

301 days later – the Town Board approved a $3.8 million bond, 310% higher.

You will pay forever, and you will have to pay to play there.


Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 21, 2017

Town & County Math

I have heard some people saying that it is so good that the superstation is back on the tax rolls.  Bob-O’s wall cost about $300k.  The DEC removed the tanks and remediated.  I don’t know what that cost the taxpayers.  When the county foreclosed, the tax bill was close to $300k.  And the property was taken by the county in 2013.  How long would it take for this property to make up the lost taxes?


Property History
2 Peekskill Hollow Road, Putnam Valley, NY
Sold at $206,000 on 5/2/17
Reduced to $250,000 on 12/24/13
Listed at $305,000 on 6/14/13

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